Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Tocantins’ Episode 9

I’ve hosted Survivor for 18 seasons, and up until now there has only been one person I thought might be worthy of their own show and that was Boston Rob. That is, up until now.

I am seriously considering a show called The Dragon Slayer. It’s about a guy who lives in a world that exists solely in his own mind, and thus is invisible to the outside world. While it is the year 2009, the Dragon Slayer dresses like he’s just returned from one of those Renaissance fairs where he’s just finished eating a turkey leg the size of a small dog. We’ll simply follow his daily life, where every time he leaves his home offers the potential for a life changing, near-death, journey. Every episode concludes with his signature line:

Coach: “Hence my name, the dragon slayer.”

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