OUTFOXED BY AN IDIOT: Sierra Stays, Tyson Tossed

CARPE DIEM: Forza Seizes Opportunity to Oust Tyson
“It’s Funny When People Cry” The Warrior Alliance revels in their blindside of Brendan and, even more so, the upcoming vote for Sierra. Sierra goes to work on several of her tribemates and tries every trick in the book – begging, pleading, and even crying, all to no avail. But when Debra snatches Immunity from Sierra, several people realize this might be their only chance to get rid of Tyson.

Episode Summary

Forza returns to camp, and Sierra knows she will be next to go. She begs the rest of the tribe for her last days to be “congenial”. She talks to Coach, who tells her that it’s “kill or be killed” and she deserves to go next. The next morning, Coach meditates and notes that he feels peace and feels good having bested a younger and faster opponent. Back at camp, Sierra begins to plead her case, and approaches Tyson privately – but he has no interest in helping her.

In the Reward Challenge, two teams of four people raced to get groups of boards which were arranged to form a puzzle – a series of holes that when lined up revealed several letters used in a puzzle. Erinn, Debra, JT, and Tyson’s team wins, earning a feast and dance ceremony with some locals. Stephen is sent to Exile Island but is frustrated that there are no new clues and, therefore, no new Hidden Immunity Idol. At the reward ceremony, Debra breaks down thinking about her kids and the kids at her school. The Survivors are brought up to join the locals in a martial arts dance ritual and it causes them to become sick, having just ate.

After the return, Sierra works on pleading her case to Debra, warning her that it’s only a matter of time before she is betrayed by her alliance. Debra and Erinn both tell her that this is the consequence of the choices she has made, and Sierra is annoyed that Erinn is chiming in. She then goes and begins working on Coach again, telling him that rolling over and giving up is not what he would expect of her, it’s not what he would do if he were in her shoes, asking him not to be mad at her for having this conversation, and asks for another chance to prove her loyalty. She manages to elecit sympathy from the “coach part of him,” but he tells her the most acceptable thing would be to accept her fate and not try to make any deals, noting “you made your bed” and gives her an analogy of a samuri warrior who would fall on his sword rather than beg for his life.

At the Immunity Challenge, a cold rain causes intense shivering among the tribe. A twist allows players who feel extremely confident that they do not need immunity to skip the challenge and eat pizza, which JT, Stephen, and Coach accept. Tyson becomes annoyed that Coach is eating, noting that he needs to play to ensure Sierra doesn’t win immunity. The challenge is a variation of shuffleboard, and Tyson performs well and looks to take another win before Sierra knocks his pieces away. But on the last turn of the game, Debra knocks Sierra’s closest piece away from the goal and wins immunity herself.

After the challenge everyone seems confident that all is going as planned, but Stephen suggests to Erinn, Taj, and later JT that this may be their only chance to vote out Tyson. JT and Coach have a heart-to-heart of sorts in which Coach reaffirms his trust in JT and suggests the abusrdity of making the effort to form and name a “Warriors Alliance” then throwing it all away, with JT noting privately that Coach would be “crushed” if he betrayed him.

At Tribal Council, Sierra tells Jeff that Tyson likes to badger her. Tyson notes that if couldn’t win immunity he was glad someone he loved did. Jeff tries to bait him by suggesting he doesn’t love people he clearly has an alliance with, but Tyson corrects him and, when asked, identifies the people he does love – everyone (even Brandon, sitting on the jury) except Sierra. In the end, Stephen’s plan to eliminate Tyson goes through and he is voted off, much to the shock of Sierra and delight of Brendan.

Episode Commentary

  • Tyson was just as entertaining as Coach, and the season will be much less fun and interesting without him. It’s one thing to have people give up secrets in confessionals behind everyone’s backs, it’s another to have someone tell another to their face that they aren’t smart enough to be a mastermind. Tyson was the best villain this season, and it’s always unfortunate to see villains go early.
  • For all of the effort that went into pleading her case, why isn’t Sierra giving up Taj or Stephen as the other half of her alliance with Brendan? Doing so would help her emmensely by casting immediate doubt (and likely forcing the immediate elimination of) JT and Stephen, and Taj, to a lesser extent. And if she is doing this, why aren’t we seeing it?
  • Erinn’s newfound acceptance with old Timbera is odd. It was just a few days ago that she was the one on the outs with her tribe, and now she seems chummy with Coach and Debra and Sierra is the outcast. Erinn basically admitted that she is just riding coattails, and seeing as how she is totally disposable to both alliances all she seems to be doing is putting off her own fate. She might have been better advised to figure out a way to work with Sierra rather than against her.


  • “The battle has already been won. Victory is mine.” – Coach, reflecting on Brendan’s boot
  • “Her parents probably love her. I can’t imagine her boyfriend is that cool.” – Tyson, on Sierra
  • “I don’t think you were the mastermind. I don’t think you’re smart enough.” – Tyson, to Sierra
  • “I’m lucky im not on that reward. You know, who wants to be feasting when they could be in…sand.” – Stephen, upon discovering there is no new Hidden Immunity Idol
  • No new clue means no new idol – waste of his time
  • “Maybe that’s my fate, but a small part of me is hoping for a miracle.” – Sierra, after Debra snatches Immunity from Sierra on the last turn of the challenge
  • “You’re a jerk.” – Sierra, as she votes for Tyson
  • “It’s a little weird being outfoxed by an idiot but i’m not crying about it.” – Tyson, after being voted out

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