Has Kenny Blown His Chances of Winning?

Has Kenny Blown His Chances of Winning?

Bob’s second attempt at a fake Immunity Idol play may have fallen flat and given him a temporary setback, but even with his last ally Corinne gone he’s still in the game and can definitely pull out a win. And depending on a number of factors that he may or may not control, Kenny might be a dead duck.

Dealing with Matty
Obviously the first thing Kenny has to do is find out where he stands with Matty. It’s entirely possible that Matty has an agreement with Sugar and Kenny’s vote will just serve as the catalyst to sever ties with he and Crystal. If that’s the case, they could easily recruit Bob and possibly Susie if Crystal is as unsure of Kenny as she indicated. Much is being made of Bob and Matty as challenge threats – no one is talking about Kenny’s manipulating games and the threat he poses. He’s just as dangerous to keep around as either of them. If Kenny can pull off a huge lie and tell Matty that he didn’t vote for him he might be able to save some face. It’s possible he might need Bob’s help to do this, forming the worst possibly alliance he could get right now.

Crystal’s place in Kenny’s game
It’s no secret that Kenny and Crystal are hated by the jury. The worst thing that can happen for Kenny is to lose Crystal as an ally and potential final 2/3 opponent. Losing Susie would also be disastrous – that trifecta presents the most unideal vote for this jury; they won’t want to vote for any of them. But at least Kenny has been the brains behind everything and has stuck his scrawny, acne-covered neck on the line to get this far – Crystal and Susie have been nothing but hangers-on. Kenny could get the hesitant respect vote if he can stick with them.

So can he win?
The short answer is that while he could win if he can manage to get to the final three with Crystal and Susie, the chances of that happening are slim. If Bob makes it there’s likely no way he loses, and Matty has a pretty good shot too. Kenny might be forced into an alliance with Bob, and if that happens he can kiss it all goodbye. Even though his plan backfired as far as keeping Corinne in the game, Bob holds a lot of power right now.

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