COACH EJECTED: “Dragonslayer” limps off in pathetic finish

“The Martyr Approach” After discovering what he thought was his last ally had tried to betray him, a grateful Coach vows to stick with Stephen and JT. But when JT sends him to Exile Island, Coach uses the opportunity to mentally prepare for a must-win Immunity Challenge and, according to Erinn, earn some pity points along the way.

Episode Summary

JT and Stephen informed Coach of Debbie’s attempt to backstab him, and Coach was in disbelief. Admitting he was “no longer” in control of the game, he submitted to Stephen and JT and all but begged them not to be sent to Exile Island, citing asthma and a bad back. The Reward Challenge was a race through a maze to be completed with each player’s feet shackled together. After finishing the maze each built a pole with a hook on the end to grab a weight on a line which was swung to knock over 3 pegs. JT dominated the challenge and won, with Coach employing a strategy to simply follow JT through the maze. He selected Stephen to join him on the reward and sent Coach to Exile Island, prompting Coach to announce he would not eat or drink and would instead meditate the entire time, which infuriated Erinn and she claimed he was only doing it for pity.

While on Exile Island, Coach did exactly what he said he would, even taking the time to pray forgiveness for Erinn for having negative thoughts about him. Meanwhile, Stephen and JT enjoyed an excursion at the Governor’s retreat, seeing themselves in the mirror and showering for the first time in over a month before enjoying a barbecue dinner. At camp, Erinn expressed regret for her outburst but Taj claimed it was well-deserved. But Stephen and JT, on the other hand, were disgusted with her and discussed voting her off before Coach.

At the Immunity Challenge, Coach returned to the tribe with his “dragon cane” prompting eye-rolls from Taj and Erinn and asked JT for water. The challenge was an endurance one, where players stood on small footholds while bracing themselves in a small booth and moving down to progressively smaller footholds. it came down to JT and Coach, with Coach collapsing after about 50 minutes unable to stand up, claiming he had back spasms for the last 10 minutes.

Back at camp, Erinn and Taj were annoyed that Coach was able to walk around just fine once he was back. Stephen admitted he did not know how he would vote, noting that JT would likely vote Erinn. At Tribal Council, Coach recited a poem which caused much eyerolling and caused the jury to feign sleep. Coach was sent home over Erinn in a 3-2 vote.

Episode Commentary

  • Assuming the final 3 vote goes as expected, we may have just seen the unfolding of the vote in Coach’s last confessional. Taj will be lucky if anyone even notices she is in the final 3 (and the same goes for Erinn should she make it), so it comes down to JT and Stephen in what could be a close vote. Coach knows (or at least strongly suspects) Stephen turned on him, and seems likely to vote for JT in a final 3 scenario. Could that be the vote that breaks a tie? Or is it just indicitive of how everyone feels JT is such a nice guy that they’d rather vote for him anyway.
  • We heard the seeds of doubt planted in Stephen’s mind when he alluded to the appeal of someone like Coach as a final opponent, due to the fact that everyone hated him and no one would even think of voting for him. Could he be thinking now that he’s made a mistake in not taking out JT earlier? Does he have a plan or even think he has a legitimate chance against ol’ Aw Shucks? Or is the friendship worth a million dollars to him?
  • Along those sames lines, it was brilliant to approach Coach after the previous Tribal Council and tell him about Debbie’s plan. If Stephen can take credit for the move during the final vote Q&A time it might be his only shot at getting Coach’s vote.
  • Was Taj really trying to comfort Erinn in telling her Coach deserved to be told off like she did, or what she encouraging such bad behavior for the future to ensure Erinn wouldn’t be getting any jury votes?
  • Based on their comments, it really does seem like the stage is set for Taj and Erinn to begin tripping over themselves trying to give JT or Stephen the million dollars. Both have seemed perfectly content when staring at the likelyhood of a 3rd place finish, and neither seem to have any kind of plan in place to change that up at all.


  • “I think the game is still being played with truth…with honesty. I think this is the first time in the game that I’m almost speechless. Almost.” – Coach, upon learning that JT and Stephen spearheaded a campaign to save him from Debbie’s backstabbing
  • “This guy is such a drama queen. Any 37-year old man who thinks he’s a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution.” – Taj, on Coach
  • “We were having a meat festival. Basically by the time we were done with the meats we were stuffed.” – Stephen, after the barbeque
  • “Coach was really ridiculous today.” – Erinn, on Coach
  • Jeff: “Coach, do you think it will be a surprise who’s going home tonight?”
    Coach: “No.”
    Jeff: “Why?”
    Coach: “Because women have great intuition.”

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2 Responses

  1. Happy guy and a real coach says:

    Wow, I would have kept the pathetic “Coach” all the way to the end. He’s such a piece of excrement

  2. shocked says:

    A friend of mine just called and said that she was at a gas station in Rock Springs, Wyoming and there was coach! She talked to him and got a pic and everything. I guess he was extremely humble about the whole experience.

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