SORRY CHARLIE: Surprise Merge Spells Kenny’s Surge

SORRY CHARLIE: Surprise Merge Spells Kenny’s Surge

“The Brains Behind Everything” As everyone reels from last week’s unexpected switch, Kenny firms up his plans for the rest of the game. When the tribes finally merge, Sugar is thrust into a position of power and helps Kenny plan come to fruition.

Conniving Kenny
Kenny’s positioning himself as a true power player has been nothing short of impressive. When Randy even sees fit to complement him, you know the kid is up to something big and is moving up in the game. Unfortunately for him he has pretty much come into everyone’s radar and his underhanded manipulation probably won’t work that much longer. The trick will be transitioning into an overt manipulator while keeping the target on everyone else.

However, there are times when it is clear that Kenny is completely out of his element. Not being able to figure out why his boat was stuck and his inability to free himself was one, and his comments about providing for two beautiful women at camp were completely pathetic.

Sugar swings things
Sugar was painted as an outsider in this episode, and didn’t seem to relish her position as Charlie’s executioner. Looking strictly at the vote in the short term, she probably made the right choice; she likely has a better shot with Kenny even though he has proven himself completely untrustworthy. But if she’s smart, she will take the chance to turn on Kenny and Crystal as soon as enough of old Kota is gone for her to break into their alliance. If she bides her time and plays it low-key, she can easily make final four.

Corinne can’t win
Corinne is an idiot. Her inflexibility and her eagerness to burn any bridge she comes across has done her in, and now it’s just a matter of time before she’s sent home. Randy is manipulative enough to shake things up. Bob is likable enough to make new friends. Corinne cannot last thanks to her poor attitude, and Randy and Bob would be wise to distance themselves from her as soon as it is feasible.

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