CRYSTAL MESS: Sugar’s Idol is Sweet Relief for Matty

CRYSTAL MESS: Sugar’s Idol is Sweet Relief for Matty

“The Good Guys Should Win in the End” After nearly making a game-killing deal with Kenny, Bob takes a personal confession from Sugar to heart, renegotiates with Kenny, and shifts alliances along with Sugar – who plays her Hidden Immunity Idol in an unexpected way.

Bad deal gone good
Any fan of Bob had to be having bad flashbacks to Dreamz and Yau-Man upon hearing of his deal to give Kenny the Immunity Necklace should he win it. And it would have ranked right up there with Yau-Man’s goof for all-time Survivor boneheaded moves if he hadn’t renegotiated.

Sugar deserves a lot of credit for turning Bob around, but a lot of blame should also go to Kenny for laying it on way too thick with Bob. And unlike pretty much his entire gam thus far, he went in with no plan whatsoever – instead of lying to Bob and inventing some make-believe plot against him, he just stood there and told Bob he was scared. Bob wisely pointedly asked him why he thought that, and all Kenny could offer was that it was just a bad feeling. At such a crucial point in the game with a needed immunity on the line (not so much need for Kenny, but needed NOT for Bob), how does Kenny not step up?

Susie’s much-needed break
Susie said in her confessional at Exile Island that it was a welcome chance to get away from the game.

Susie has been playing the game?!

Sugar gets sweeter
It’s not too often a player in Survivor has a crisis of conscience that causes them to completely change their game plan with no logic or reason. It’s even more rare that such a change is beneficial to the players game. Sugar comforted Matty after hearing Crystal berate him needlessly, then decided to rescue Bob because she saw him as a good guy and said she had a place in her heart for him. Sugar is an emotional player and usually such players tend to make poor decisions, but luckily for Sugar that hasn’t been the case.

Shattered Crystal
The fact that Crystal was voted off just further demonstrates her complete and total incompetance in this game. Crystal is, without a doubt, one of the worst individual players ever to play this game – she performed horribly in challenges, had no social game whatsoever, and had no game plan other than to latch on to a schemer. Sure, it’s worked for lots of other players in the past, but Crystal had no plan in place should something happen to Kenny.

After seeing what he had done to players like Marcus and Charlie, how could she not think there was at least a possibility something might happen to her? She expressed amazement that Sugar turned on her, but seemed to forget just a few short days ago how she did the same to several players. Not planning for having the tables turn on you is exactly what did in Marcus. Having a part in that, how did she not plan for the same?

Sugar was right in branding Crystal as a bully. There was no reason for Crystal to be tearing into Matty like she was, especially considering she was planning on voting him out and she would need his jury vote. Such rants are suicide in this game, and just proves how little Crystal knows about playing Survivor.

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