LET’S TWIST AGAIN: Marcus Marked In Mixup

“Apple in the Garden of Eden” Expecting a merge after a hearty meal, the castaways instead find yet another tribal shuffle, putting both Marcus and Matty in immediate danger. While Matty is able to take control of his immediate destiny, Marcus isn’t so lucky.

Losers rule
If we were conspiracy theorists, we might start thinking that Mark Burnett will do anything he can to keep the worst players in this game. How do Crystal and Kenny keep catching breaks like this? Everything good that has happened to them has happened because of a twist; the one thing they can do to preserve themselves – winning immunity – they continuously fail miserably in.

Sugar could really use Ace
Last week, Sugar looked like a gutsy genius for getting rid of Ace. This week, not so much. Matty’s revelation that Ace was not in any way looking to get rid of her makes her move look less ballsy and more blundering. The cat’s out of the bag regarding her Immunity Idol so her chances of sticking around much longer are slim once it’s flushed out, and Matty is in no position to save her. If Ace was still around, the three of them might have been able to do something about that.

Susie – no better off
On the surface it seems like Susie benefited greatly from the switch, but in reality she likely just gave herself a temporary stay of execution. She went form low man on the Kota totum poll to the low man on Fang. Assuming that Matty even wants to stay with Crystal and Kenny when the merge happens, there’s no way she breaks up Crystal and Kenny’s pact. Matty is much more likely to jump (or at least try to), leaving Susie out of the final 6.

Crystal thinks she’s golden
Too many times, players have an unrealistic image of themselves and an absurd idea of their position in the game. Crystal is an example of this – her smirks during Tribal Council as she votes off teammate after teammate, seemingly completely oblivious to the idea that it’s a bad thing to lose and be in Tribal Council and that if she worried more about performing well in challenges she wouldn’t have to worry about conspiring to vote off her tribemates that do, show that she sees herself as some kind of mastermind that she clearly is not.

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