CUTIE CANNED: Kota Slumps, Dumps Paloma

“She Obviously Is Post-Op!” Fang gets out of their funk, winning both challenges, and Sugar does the unthinkable, finding the Hidden Immunity idol. Meanwhile, Ace sets up Paloma for failure, sealing her fate.

  • Congratulations to Fang for 2 consecutive winning challenges, but one can’t help but think it’s short lived. Nobody likes each other, they have nothing, and they are physically and mentally inferior. Don’t be fooled by a couple of wins – unless Kota complete collapses and implodes their losses are just a fluke.
  • A note to Randy and GC – arguing in the open, antagonizing each other, and drawing negative attention to yourself in a tribe that is likely to be making several trips to Tribal Council is probably not wise.
  • That at least a couple people are questioning the legitimacy of Ace’s accent is extremely amusing. We’re having a hard time gauging how much trouble Ace is really in. He’s not even the next scheduled boot, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Fang at every Tribal Council from here until the merge. It would be totally feasible to see Ace take his leadership to whatever is left of Fang and turn his back on the Onion Alliance and old Kota.
  • Congratulations also to Sugar for sticking it out and finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. Unlike Dan, she had enough common sense to understand that the clue was telling her to go through the lake, not look for a sandy crater in it. The “dead relative I miss dearly here in my heart giving me the strength to go on” bit gets old, but hey – whatever it takes, right? She was looking pretty smart…until she basically let Ace claim the idol for himself.
  • Bob – good player, very likable, smart guy…but please, buddy, don’t tie your shirt up like that anymore. Please.

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