JACQUI SACKED: Blonde Dropped After Tribe Swap

“It Was Like Christmas Morning!” Just as everyone begins to get cozy in their alliances, a tribe switch turns the game around, and while Kelly, Susie, and Randy get a new lease on life, Jacquie isn’t so lucky.

  • Randy totally killed this week, first by getting away from the GC and the loser atmosphere at Fang, then by proving himself at the Immunity Challenge, with this head basically on the chopping block. Randy is currently working the lovable, cranky old guy schtick and it’s working, but it probably won’t be long until it becomes too much to be around and his tribe starts looking to can him.
  • Kenny is just plain creepy. I could have swore I saw him on a poster in the lobby at Wal-Mart last week. You know there’s a flaw in the system when a guy like him gets any kind of power, but he did and, unbelievably, he is in the core alliance in charge at Fang.
  • Kelly, Crystal, and, to a lesser extent, Kenny, were all pathetic and worthless in the Immunity Challenge. Fang basically lost the challenge to Marcus and Randy, which is inexcusable. Now that Sugar has proven herself to some extent by finding the Hidden Immunity Idol, and given Crystal’s atrocious showing basically the entire game, Ace’s choosing of Sugar at the outset of the game looks pretty insightful.
  • The switch is interesting because it might be preventing us from seeing how inept old Fang, particularly the 3 losers in charge of it now, really are. The switch saved them by putting them in control and the merge will prevent them from blowing themselves up completely, and if there is any justice in this game they will be mercilessly picked off one by one.

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