GC-YA: Quitter quits for the last time

“This Camp is Cursed” Fang continues to become a model of futility and failure, as GC takes a psychological turn for the worst and asks his tribe to take him out of the game.

  • GC was one of the most awkward players we’ve seen in this game in a long time. No matter what role he tried, there were only two he fit into well: the outcast and the quitter. We don’t recall a player who has ever outright after being handed a leadership position, or, for that matter, seeing someone be so completely ineffective in it. He didn’t even fit in with his own alliance, bickering with Crystal for no reason whatsoever. This is the same guy that, when he put a little effort into things, was able to provide his tribe with fish. For whatever reason, that was as far as he cared to get into it.
  • Crystal and Kenny (and, to a lesser extent, Matty), deserve whatever they have coming to them for not voting out Sugar. That was pure stupidity. It might have been the only chance they get to get the Idol, in possession of their enemy, out of the game – and they made yet another poor decision to keep her in. It compliments their poor decision to keep Kelly last week.
  • We are liking Sugar more and more each week. She’s funny, cute, and likable without turning into an incessant soundbyte. And she, up until tonight, was completely underrated. We’re glad Dan finds humor in sending her to Exile Island – and we hope that Sugar gets the chance to use the Hidden Immunity Idol to send him home.
  • Once again, Randy owned. He’s integrating perfectly into his new tribe and we don’t have any doubt that he’ll be able to finagle himself into some kind of safe spot so that, when the time comes, he will be able to avoid being picked off. And yelling at Ace in the challenge was great – and it worked.

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