CRYING GAME: Crystal Breaks Down, Kelly Tossed Out

“He’s a Snake, But He’s My Snake” Losing begins to take its toll on Fang, as Crystal breaks down after losing the Reward Challenge and Matty makes a pact with the game’s “snake” – Ace.

Sugar souring on Ace?
The chain of events surrounding Ace and Sugar and the passing of the Hidden Immunity Idol was interesting. Without seeing some extra confessionals it’s hard to see exactly what was going on in Sugar’s head, but it looks like she realized fairly quickly that it was a huge mistake to give Ace the idol. We’re still not clear on what she was looking to accomplish – if everyone “knew” she had the Idol, why bother hiding it with Ace? Regardless, she quickly realized her mistake – with some help from Kenny – and her comment about Ace being “me snake” indicates that she might be using him as much as he’s using her. Next weeks’ preview made it look like she might be ready to cash in, which could win her some allies in new Fang and help her going into the merge.

Worst. Tribe. Ever.
Jeff Probst was dead on observing the lack on unity in Fang. We noticed a glaring example when Sugar returned from Exile Island to the Immunity Challenge. Most tribes welcome back their tribemates from Exile Island with open arms and get them in a group hug. Fang barely looked at Sugar as she came back. Crystal received no comfort after breaking down crying after the Reward Challenge loss. And Ace & Crystal’s smirking as Kelly walked off proved that the only thing important to them is a personal numbers game, and there is no regret in being in the position of having to vote off another tribe member.

Driving Force
Does anyone happen to know what/who is Matty’s driving force in this game? Just wondering. Did he happen to mention it?

Turtle Soup
We’re wishing they would have shown at least some of the preparation of the turtle, because we’re curious to know how exactly you split the shell open and what part exactly gets cut into cubes.

Rude Randy
Randy showed once again why he is the unsung star this season – not many people would have had the guts to make a comment like “wah wah wah” as audibly as he did to Crystal. Whether you think he was funny or being a huge jerk, he did one of the little things in the game that are so important in getting in your opponents head. He did it last week when he tricked Ace in the Immunity Challenge, and he caused Crystal to become angry and flustered and probably planted the seeds of doubt in the rest of Fang in regards to Crystal’s mental health.

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