Heavy Meddle: Ozzy Rocks Billy Out

“Dire Straights and Dead Weight” Aitu shows dissention in the ranks as they discuss whether or not to throw a challenge to rid themselves of dead weight. Yul gets sent to Exile Island and uses the provided clues to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Here’s our analysis…

Ozzy speaks out
Cristina is confused – this is Survivor, not a Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote cartoon, and that’s about the only place you’ll see her chicken catching setup work. Thankfully for Aitu, Ozzy set up an effective trap, and they got a chicken. But the big brains at Puka fared even better, catching two chickens at once with the classic box-on-a-stick trap. Meanwhile, we didn’t see Hiki catching anything, and it’s too bad. If Sekou had been there, you can be sure that he would talk real good about maybe catching a chicken.

The maid returns to clean up
Jonathan can’t even leave camp for two days without the rest of Raro making a total mess of things. Thankfully he cracked the whip once he returned, although the rest of Raro didn’t seem to like it. And his raised bamboo bed idea? Complete stupidity, according to Adam, who would much rather have slept on the cold, wet sand than waste his energy building a bed. But Jonathan won this battle, thanks to support from the girls of Raro.

Challenge ends in a tie, so to speak
The challenge stemmed from a story Jeff read; each tribe was tied together, navigating an obstacle course to obtain answer cards to answer questions about the story. Aitu deliberately dilly-dallied, being the only tribe to take time to review the story before starting off on the course. Ozzy smirked with every comment made by Jeff about how slow they were going. In the end, Raro and Puka tied for the win, each earning two tarps and immunity, with Hiki taking the last immunity spot.

And then, something strange happened. Parvati and Candice told Billy they felt bad for his tribe, and Billy, knowing that Aitu threw the challenge to ditch him. Candice told him, “Well, we love you,” and Billy fell head-over heels in love. He later announced his new found flame at Tribal Council, which may have been the final nail in his coffin; even mother Cristina couldn’t defend that one.

Yul ends the game
Aitu sent Yul to Exile Island, reasoning that he was the strongest member of the strongest tribe. Apparently they aren’t taking into account the power of laughter, or they would have sent Cao Boi. Yul made quick work of the Hidden Immunity Idol location clues, and found the treasure. Yul is cool and collected, has the Hidden Immunity Idol, and has what seems to be a rock solid alliance with Becky – Yul is looking pretty good right about now.

Billy’s last gasp
If anyone didn’t understand why Aitu didn’t want Billy around, the strategy surrounding his final power play should explain things pretty well. His plan? Have Cristina talk to Cecilia and hope she talks her into turning.

“All my chips are on Cristina. My hand is a weak hand but at least I’ve got one queen.” – Billy on his dependence on Cristina to save him

Wow. Everyone knew Billy was lazy, but with that he may have redefined the word. In the end, Cristina was not able to sway Cecilia, and she even turned her back on Billy – maybe even to save her own skin. Billy’s parting confessional was a classic: “Too bad there wasn’t a heavy metal tribe.” And the irony of a self-professed heavy-metal d00d being ousted by a guy named Ozzy wasn’t entirely lost on him.


  • Yul – Finds the Hidden Immunity Idol and catches two chickens at once. Immensely uninteresting, but the best player out there right now.
  • Jonathan – Gets back from Exile Island and whips his tribe back into shape, much to Adam’s chagrin.


  • Cristina – Argues against just about everything Ozzy & J.P. do, then ends up going along with them anyway.
  • Cao Boi – The ice he’s skating on is getting thinner and thinner. You can only tell so many Vietnamese dog jokes, man.

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