Tribes Get Switched, Cecilia Gets Ditched

“Flirting and Frustration” The tribes are shuffled and the resulting tribes move to Raro and Aiku camps. Candice gets sent to Exile Island, affecting the plans of Aitu – but some heavy politicking by Yul and Jonathan gets Candice booted in the end. Here’s our recap and analysis…

A matter of trust
Yul decided that his alliance with Becky was so strong, that he could confide in her his huge secret – that he had found the hidden Immunity Idol. More importantly, he banked so much on their alliance that he vowed to let her use it if she needed. Meanwhile, Cao Boi didn’t shut up about…anything.

“I don’t think he’s all there. I really in my hard of hearts don’t think he’s all there. And he will never be there. Unless he’s medicated.” – Brad on Cao Boi

In a long, drawn out, and overly complicated ceremony, the tribes shuffled. The resulting tribes were dubbed Raro and Aitu and moved to those respective camps. The tribes consisted of:


  • Parvati
  • Nate
  • Brad
  • J.P.
  • Jenny
  • Cristina
  • Stephannie
  • Rebecca
  • Adam


  • Yul
  • Becky
  • Sundra
  • Jonathan
  • Candice
  • Jessica
  • Cao Boi
  • Ozzy
  • Cecilia

Of course, Cecilia had to ask Candice about her love pact with Billy, much to Candice’s surprise.

“You led him on!” – Jonathan to Candice on her interaction with Billy

Fast and furious alliance-making
Candice and Becky wasted no time drawing up a super-alliance, with Candice assuring Becky that Jonathan was trustworthy and would be on board, and Becky using her airtight alliance with Yul. Reasoning they would need one more to hold the majority, Jonathan picked Jessica as the fifth wheel.

Sand bag race
The Immunity/Reward combo challenge continued, with this week’s challenge being a rehash of the sand bag race from Survivor: Palau. Aitu tried to strategize, with the girls taking themselves out early and letting the men carry their sand bags. It didn’t work – Yul also got the idea to try and fight Raro off, but Cao Boi was too easy for the big burly men of Raro to take down and Aitu lost the challenge.

Working them over
Raro’s reward – selecting with Aitu member to send to Exile Island, keeping them from that evening’s Tribal Council and in the game. They picked Candice, which put a major damper on the Aitu superalliance plans – without Candice, they wouldn’t have the necessary majority to keep themselves safe from a vote. Jonathan worked overtime on convincing Jessica, who not only didn’t trust Becky, but like Cecilia – the target. Meanwhile, Yul worked Cao Boi over.

And it worked. Cecilia was voted out, and the superalliance was able to maintain their majority – and they’ll only get stronger once Candice returns from Exile Island.

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