Who’s the Boss? JP Barks His Way Out of the Game

“Ruling the Roost” The new tribes adjust to life with new tribemates, while Ozzy adjusts to having his friend voted out. Aitu pulls off 2 improbable challenge victories, and the female alliance at Raro decides to switch things up and get rid of some dead weight. Here’s our recap and analysis…

Ozzy is riding the Whiny Train
He got over it later, but Ozzy started off awfully mopey this evening. Bummed that they bumped his bud Cecilia, Ozzy lamented that if he was going to be voted off any time soon he hoped they would just do it so he didn’t have to keep catching their food for them.

Why Candice?
Back at Aitu, the tribe wondered out loud why Raro would choose to save Candice by sending her to Exile Island in the previous episode. While it seemed to be an attempt to force them to hold on to what they perceived to be Aitu’s weakest link, the theory that Adam and Parvati were trying to save one of their own was brought up. White Power!

JP roosts
While the women toiled at Raro, the men relaxed – even wondering aloud if the women would mind…naaaaaaah. JP in particular was especially kingly, openly talking about napping after he’s done barking orders. Parvati was more disturbed about his behavior than anyone else, noting his demanding “doesn’t fly” with her all. Of course, she says this as she’s walking over to bring him a machete he asked her to get, so it appears that Parvati is more of a doormat than she thinks.

Parvati works Nate
Speaking of Parvati, she pushed the flirtation into overdrive on Nate, who seems to have fallen for it hook, line, & sinker – even admitting that he was willing to let the king make his moves while affirming that he trusted Parvati and might even like to get something going on down the line. Does Nate have plans? Doesn’t appear so…

(Un)flipping the bird
Looking for some food, Aitu happened upon a booby nest. Cao Boi climbed up to scare Momma Booby away to take her eggs, when Jonathan found the rest of the nest, flipped over and with a baby booby inside. Jonathan, choked up, wasn’t able to bring himself to eat it, so Cao Boi put it back with momma.

Ozzy redeems himself
Fresh from a trip to Exile Island (which, curiously we didn’t get any shots of), Adam rejoined Raro and they proceeded to lose immunity thanks to an impressive performance by Ozzy, who looked like a water bug walking on water, then like a fish as he zipped past Brad in the water. Cao Boi put on a similarly impressive performance lighting the fire and winning the challenge, as Stephannie and the girls at Raro struggled with their fire.

Stephannie’s big mouth
A dejected Stephannie stood up in front of her fellow Raro tribemates and told them that she was the weakest link. And the rest of the tribe wasted little time planning to vote her off, planning to send her out on a pleasant note. But Jenny had other plans. As Stephannie sheepishly admitted that she really didn’t want to go home, Jenny put her plan into motion, getting the girls to solidify an alliance and even bringing along two of the boys for he ride. Only Nate and JP didn’t know what was going down, and the men’s alliance (which doesn’t seem like it was all that JP made it out to be) fell apart.


  • Jenny – Decides to step to the plate and pretty much singlehandedly not only establishes girl power in Raro…but gets the guys to go along with it too.
  • Cao Boi – Whatever he did with that fire was like magic – huge contributor to their Immunity Challenge victory. And, hey…he made a momma bird real happy this week.


  • Nate – Looks two-dimensional in his…whatever that is with Parvati that he has going. And no one wanted to tell him that they were going to vote off J.P.?
  • Stephannie – We’re not sure what was going on her head when she decided to tell her tribe that she was the weakest link, but it probably punched her ticket a little sooner than she is now hoping.

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