Corinne’s Post-Boot Interviews: “What you’re seeing is a lot of luck of the game”

What you’re seeing is a lot of luck of the game. These people are not any smarter than what you’re watching.

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Survivor Fans Podcast interview with Corinne Listen to this interview to find out how she was chosen, how she trained for the show, her view on who’s really being mean and her unaired final words at Tribal Council plus answers to questions you submitted and lots more!

What I will tell you is this: there are two power things in this game. There’s the person that gets the million and then, there’s the people that vote for the million. Right now, you’ve got this… it’s a seven member jury. The first four people are: me, Marcus, Charlie, and Randy and we’re connected at the hip. We’re gonna decide who gets the million and we won’t give it to who we don’t like. I don’t know who will win but I can tell you for sure who isn’t going to win it.

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The bottom line is that Kenny still treated me like a human being. We were outcasts, lepers. If we walked in, everyone walked out. No one would canoe with us. Kenny was the only one that would still talk to me. When I was in the majority, I never treated anyone like that … But the only way this show would turn out good is if Bob won because everyone else there doesn’t deserve a penny of a million dollars.

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