Mashed Potatoes Prove Stephannie’s Undoing

“Don’t Cry Over Spilled Octopus” The Raro men get scared by the JP vote and decide to kick it into gear. The tribal outcasts from Aitu decide to explore a neighboring island and are surprised to come across Raro’s camp, and Raro isn’t happy about it (especially when Cao Boi opens his mouth). Cristina spoils Adam’s octopus dinner by spilling the pieces in the water and blaming Jenny – but it’s an offhand comment by Stephannie which decides the target at Tribal Council for Raro – who comes up short again after a monumental collapse (literally) in the Reward Challenge. Here’s our recap and analysis…

Raro men scared straight
JP’s voteoff last week was a wakeup call for the men of Raro, who have shown no qualms about being lazy and letting the ladies do the work around camp. Knowing that the women had no problem voting out needed strength to send a message, the boys kicked it into high gear, with Nate making like a beaver and stockpiling wood and the other men fishing and doing whatever else they could to avoid a fate similar to JP’s.

How are your armpits?
Things were a little different at Aitu, where the girls’ biggest concern seemed to be their armpit hair, much to Cao Boi’s annoyance (and the irony of Cao Boi being annoyed by anyone is not lost on us).

The weighting game
Aitu was shocked upon learning of JP’s ouster at the Reward Challenge, gaining a little bit of confidence that wouldn’t end up doing them any good. Teams were divided into 3 pairs and fitted with 5 lb. bags of sand every two minutes, assigned by 2 loaders from each team. The pair of Adam and Nate employed an interesting strategy, looking particularly amorous in helping brace each other, and prompting Cao Boi to break into “Ebony & Ivory” for the lovebirds. In somewhat of a surprise, Yul “dropped” out early, and despite Jessica’s taunting, Raro “held on” for the win and reward – fishing supplies, spices, and wine.

The octopus incident
Adam later returned from a fishing expodition having caught an octopus – or rather, the octopus caught him – and the boys pried it off, chopped it up, and gave it to resident cook Cristina to prepare. Well, at least she thought she was the resident cook, and that it meant anything. Pointing out the fact that cooking in Survivor rarely consists of anything other than throwing tiny bits of raw meat into boiling water, Jenny revealed that Cristina’s bossiness was approaching JP level in annoyance, and just about everyone else seemed to agree.

And apparently the chef had butter on her fingers, because while cleaning the octopus pieces in the water, klutzy Cristina spilled it, sending dinner floating into the ocean. Cristina wasted no time in blaming Jenny, whom she thought was playing octopus washer backup – much to the annoyance of Jenny and Adam. And Adam wasn’t to happy about seeing his hard-fought catch floating away – even though it didn’t seem like he did anything put stick his foot out for the octopus to grab onto.

Aitu goes exploring
The social outcasts of Aitu – Cao Boi, Jessica, and Ozzy – decided to row out and explore a neighboring island. Unsurprisingly, no one else had any desire to join them, citing the amount of wasted energy in rowing and conveniently not mentioning their lack of desire to spend any time with Cao Boi and his jokes and history lessons. Aitu was shocked to find that the island was actually Raro’s camp – and Raro was none too happy to see them, especially after Cao Boi went into a long diatribe about Chinese mythology. And then, completely oblivious to their boredom and lack of interest, he hilariously asked for help hunting coconuts, offering to split their findings, and even asking for some of their newly-earned spices. As naive as Cao Boi was, even he wasn’t surprised at their refusal.

Jonathan goes idol hunting
Meanwhile, being the exile chosen by Raro after their Reward Challenge win, Jonathan decided to get to work. Having in hand the latest (worthless) clue, he began digging. he dug day and night, making a hole big enough to, as he put it, “bury Yao Ming in.” Yeesh – someone isnt’ a Rockets fan.

Later, at the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst asked Jonathan if the clues were enough to give Jonathan an idea where the Hidden Immunity Idol is – to which Jonathan replied that he knew where it was, prompting a look on Yul’s face like he had just been given a prostate exam with a pineapple.

Walk on the water
In one of the most fun and unique challenges we’ve seen in a while, the tribes were given pieces of 3 stepping platforms to assemble and use to “walk” two castaways from one platform to another, after which the entire tribes climbed up the platform, jumped into the water, and attempted to mount a third, smaller platform which looked barely big enough to hold two people. Raro built up a good lead, but a speedy and balanced Becky helped Aitu catch up close enough for them to take advantage when the entire Raro tribe fell off their platform at once. Raro nearly “climbed” right back in it, but Aitu “rose” to the occasion, winning immunity and keeping Cao Boi for 3 more days.

Stephannie’s cardinal sin – mentioning food
Cristina was a unanymous lock to go home, that is, until Stephannie made an offhand comment asking Nate if they were sure that was the right choice, and that she could really go for mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes?! Okay, we almost understood the whole stripping for peanut butter thing from Survivor: Amazon, and Jerri and Amber’s longing for chocolate in Survivor: The Australian Outback – but mashed potatoes are hardly the kind of food that would take our mind off a game being played for a million bucks. And while Stephannie’s comment seemed to be made in jest, to the rest of Raro it was just one more example that her head wasn’t enough in the game and they ditched their original plan and ditched her.


  • Cao Boi – not many people would have the stones to a) invade the opposing tribe’s camp, b) bore them to death with meaningless stories, and c) then turn around and ask them for supplies. Cao Boi is by far the most entertaining castaway out there.
  • Jonathan – he knows the hidden Immunity Idol is gone, and his Reward Challenge comments seem to indicate he knows who has it. Clearly he’s jockeying for some kind of position against (or with) Yul…is he trustworthy enough for Yul to share his secret?


  • Cristina – how she’s still out there is a mystery to us, but given her obvious obliviousness not only during tonight’s Tribal Council but in other incidents throughout the game, she’s much more “out of it” than Stephannie would ever be. And blaming Jenny for not being there to grab her spilled octopus was pure sleaze.

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