Cao Boi’s Voodoo Backfires, Cop Cristina Sentenced To Loser’s Lodge

“Plan Voodoo” Cao Boi comes up with “Plan Voodoo” to figure out who has the Hidden Immunity Idol, but in the end, the voodoo got him. And at Raro, Cristina struggled to prove she wasn’t the bad cop they made her out to be – but the jury judged her to be sentenced off the island. Here’s our recap and analysis…

Cristina the bad cop
Upon returning from the previous episode’s Tribal Council, in which Adam outed her as bossy, Cristina had to confront him about it. Naively accusing everyone of being rude to her when she asks for something – strangely, the same complaint everyone had about her. Her and Adam got into it, with Adam giving the first indication that he considers her a lost cause, noting that “That’s just the way she is.” It brought Cristina to tears not only at camp, but in a later confessional.

Aitu values Ozzy…reluctantly
Meanwhile, Ozzy continued to catch fish after fish, cementing his place in a tribe ruled by a majority he wasn’t part of. But as Jonathan pointed out, they aren’t all in blind awe of him, noting that he is the biggest individual threat and he wouldn’t want him around after the merger.

It was an interesting comment as it indicated that Jonathan feels threatened by Ozzy and not Yul, especially considering that we later found out that Yul isn’t too sure he can trust Jonathan.

Good news, bad news challenge
The episode’s only challenge was an interesting one in which various castaways clung to polls while two opposing castaways tried to rip them off and pull them back to a colored mat.

Candice gave Parvati and Rebecca the fight of their lives and was the biggest contributor to the Aitu win, but Cristina, with her neck stretched across the proverbial chopping block, put up a fight herself and played dirty, pulling Jessica’s hair and trying to pull her pants off. But it wasn’t enough.

In the end, both tribes would go to Tribal Council and lose a tribe member, but Aitu would get a special treat – eating and sitting in on Raro’s Tribal Council…along with another unspecified surprise.

You might say he’s a dreamer
Cao Boi let Yul in on a dream he had, in which invisible people invaded their village, roped people, and tried to get them to fill out credit card applications (we’re not so sure it was a dream – credit card companies will do anything to get people to sign up). Amazingly, Cao Boi was able to gleen something from the whole scene – use 3 and 3 to defeat the idol. Calling the scheme “Plan Voodoo”, he explained that by getting 3 people to vote for Jonathan (who he believed to have the Hidden Immunity Idol) and 3 to vote for Candice (the only other possibility to possess the idol besides Yul), the owner of the idol would be forced to use it, eliminating a threat in whomever was to go while breaking up both the major alliance and the so-called “white” tribe.

Even Yul had to admit that the plan was pretty ingenious, except for the fact that Cao Boi apparently didn’t take into account the possibility that Yul had the idol. And that sounded good to Yul, since he wasn’t to sure of the white people either.

And that’s probably why in the end, Yul didn’t go along with Plan Voodoo anyway – once they all found out that neither Jonathan or Candice had the Idol, it would become obvious that either Yul had it or Jonathan was wrong and it was still on Exile Island.

Cristina’s final plea
Knowing that she was next on the chopping block with her tribe on their way to voting someone out, Cristina made personal pleas to each tribe member ahead of Tribal Council, asking politely for a second chance and hoping that her performance in the earlier challenge would inspire them to keep her around. Even her arch nemesis Adam agreed to think about it, while Brad seemed sold on keeping her, and Nate focused on Jenny, the sweet girl flying under the radar.

No one trusts Jonathan
Meanwhile at Aitu – one of the more “together” tribes we’ve seen in a while, things were starting to get strange. With nearly everyone tired of Cao Boi’s quirks and antics (everyone except the equally weird Jessica, anyway), he seemed the obvious boot choice. But Cao Boi wasn’t giving up on plan voodoo, and began sowing seeds of doubt in Jonathan…by the time Tribal Council cam around, nearly everyone in the tribe agreed that they didn’t trust him. They weren’t sure why, but they just didn’t.

Claiming to have the necessary 6 votes to put Plan Voodoo into effect, Cao Boi reassured Yul that the plan would work, later noting in confessional, “I believe I can trust Becky and Yul. They are a solid, solid people. I have the utmost faith in them.”

Double double Tribal trouble
With Immunity Idol in hand, Cao Boi was the star of Tribal Council for Aitu, outing Jonathan as the tribe leader. And of course Jonathan denied it, prompting eye rolling from Jessica, Sundra, and Candice. But in the end they stuck with the plan and voted out Cao Boi, and the look of naive shock on Jessica’s face said it all.

While Aitu munched on lamb shanks and sipped cider, Raro came in for their turn at Tribal Council, and Candice and Adam picked right back up where they left off, giggling and silently flirting throughout the entire session – when Adam shrugged off yet another challenge loss by Raro and credited Candice with strong play for her tribe, Candice mouthed “thank you” and giggled some more. Brad shot her a look – did he put two and two together?

One last twist
The final twist was that Aitu was allowed to “kidnap” a member of Raro, keeping them safe from the upcoming vote and taking them back to camp and keeping them through the next Reward Challenge. Opting to strengthen their tribe instead of trying to throw a wrench in Raro’s plans, they picked Nate, who proceeded to scarf down his own leg of lamb before leaving, and Raro ended Tribal Council by voting of Cristina.


  • Yul – played everyone masterfully; avoided any suspicion from Cao Boi of having the Hidden Immunity Idol while letting him do the work to plant those little seeds of doubt in everyone’s mind about Jonathan, but nipped Plan Voodoo in the bud just in time to avoid outing himself. Actually managed to be interesting for once.


  • Jonathan – he’ll need to do some work to undo Cao Boi’s successful undermining of his credibility, because as it stands now everyone is watching him out of the corner of their eye. And the worst part – he didn’t even really do anything to cause it. Quite a challenge.
  • Jessica – now that her partner in peculiar is gone, Jess is alone. And with Sundra pretty firmly established as the majority alliance’s fifth vote, there’s not much hope for her now.

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