Aitu extinguishes Flicka Flame

“Why Aren’t you Swimming?” Ozzy dominates once again both in challenges and in food gathering, as he and Jessica try to figure out how not to be on the chopping block. Is it enough that Aitu continues not to trust Jonathan? And why would Brad take himself out of a physical challenge? Here’s our recap and analysis…

Honored to be kidnapped
Nate kicks the show off by talking about what an honor it was to be picked as Aitu’s kidnap victim. And he turned it to his advantage, perking his ears up and taking notes as Jessica starts on what would be the first of several paranoid rants, talking nervously about how she would have liked to have known that her buddy Cao Boi was getting voted off.

Meanwhile, Yul, Becky, and Candice decided to sit down and review their boot order. For some reason that no one can quite explain, distrust toward Jonathan has reached critical levels, and now the three are contemplating the unthinkable, voting him out before Sundra (the fifth member of their 4-person alliance).

Counting carbs without Nate
The Reward Challenge was played for the tribes’ choice from a “Survivor catalog” full of food and supplies. Each tribe was allowed to pick two items to play for – each picked peanut butter, and Raro also chose bread while Aitu chose potatoes.

In a surprise move, Aitu decided to sit Nate out of the challenge, suddenly making a lot of sense out of his kidnapping. By not playing Nate, they keep an extremely strong challenge performer off their opponent’s tribe while not risking him mucking things up for Aitu. Brilliant.

And even better – it worked. Brad inexplicably took himself out of the challenge, reasoning that he was better with puzzles than he was swimming. The decision looked even worse after Rebecca wasn’t even able to finish her turn, causing Raro to fall behind to a point that they weren’t able to recover from.

Ozzy, of course, was amazing, taking over on Candice’s turn when she was unable to find the flag she had freed – turned out it wasn’t in the water; it hadn’t been totally freed and was still stuck in the casing. Not having the club used to break the casing, Ozzy climbed up, jumped, and popped it open with his fist. Now that’s improvisation.

Surrounded by turkeys
Aitu won their peanut butter, which they consumed in a disgusting spectacle not unlike a pride of lions devouring its prey, licking peanut butter off their filthy, dirt encrusted fingers. And they also won the chance to send Adam to Exile Island, where he had a chance to reflect on how much his tribe truly sucks.

“It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” – Adam

It’s also hard to soar like an eagle when you’re curled up in a fetal position sucking your thumb, waiting for the scary storm to pass…which Adam was.

Meanwhile, with Nate back at Raro camp, the tribe angrily wondered aloud why Brad would sit out the physical part of the challenge when he was sorely needed. As Rebecca struggled to regain consciousness brought on by extreme exhaustion, Brad reasoned that he’s really good at puzzles. Nate reasoned that Brad must be a “nancy boy,” while Parvati and Jenny fumed together.

Now he’s catching birds?!
The next morning, Aitu awoke to a loud, obnoxious grunting sound – a bird that Ozzy had caught on his morning potty break; he just snuck up on on it, grabbed it, and brought it back to camp. Aitu clearly wasn’t completely comfortable having to kill a bird to eat, but it sure looked like sucking the meat off its bones cured any bad feelings they might have had.

Yul reflected on the predicament Ozzy put the tribe in – he’s not part of the alliance in power, but clearly with him around they are eating better and performing extremely well in challenges.

Ozzy’s also a pretty bright guy, and sees the conflict as well as his chance to do something about it. Teaming up with Jessica, he approached Candice, who obviously had no idea how to handle the situation, and proposed an alliance, even being bold enough to question how they would eat without him around.

Jenny, not Brad, is the puzzle master
The Immunity Challenge featured another “action puzzle” in which the tribes assembled a stepping ladder, flew down a zip line, and retrieved pieces for their team to assemble. Brad wisely sat out the puzzle assembly and it’s a good thing, because while Adam stood with his mouth agape, Jenny took over and single handedly won the challenge for Raro.

Building a case against Jonathan
Realizing that she was probably the next to go, Jessica did everything she could to turn the tribe against Jonathan. As pathetic as it was (and although it didn’t get him voted out tonight), the seed was successfully planted – even buddy Yul, who can’t see why people don’t trust the guy, admitted that the mistrust is starting to rub off on him.

Jonathan is no dummy either – he knows that they’re all watching him out of the corners of their eyes and he might need to do something about it.

In the end, Jessica was voted off thanks in part to her extreme paranoia, with Sundra calling her “the mosquito that won’t die.”


  • Ozzy – He’s created quite the dilemma; nobody wants Ozzy the player, but they certainly don’t mind Ozzy the hunter or Ozzy the challenge performer. Might just have done enough to keep himself in the game, at which point he might be able to jump ship and join another alliance post-merge
  • Yul – He’s really soaking up the controversy surrounding Jonathan, who everyone seems to think is scheming and in possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol, while he himself sets up several scenarios and alternate schemes, preparing to backstab Jonathan if necessary, all from behind the safety of the Idol. What has Yul done to gain everyone’s trust?


  • Brad – Bascially lost the Reward Challenge for Raro by effectively refusing to participate. And judging by the previews for next week, he’s not doing much to rectify the situation.

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