Aitu Loses 2 Members to Mutiny, Brad Plays His Way Out

“Mutiny” A brand new twist allows castaways to mutiny and switch tribes, allowing Candice to reunite with her flame and Jonathan to commit Survivor suicide? Meanwhile, the new lean, mean Aitu machine rolls over Raro in both challenges. Here’s our recap and analysis…

Aitu reaffirms alliance
We open with the Aitu 4 reaffirming their alliance in light of having to vote Jessica out. Jonathan provided a nice pep talk, and Yul noted that if they break up, they would be “toast”. Little did they know how right he was.

However, although they all seemed to agree to keep strong, Candice had other plans, noting that she had no desire to go further with the 6 people remaining in her tribe – she wants to make her love connection with Adam.

Eventually she confided in Jonathan, who was the perfect audience considering his own insecurity about what the rest of his tribe thought of him. It certainly was an effective trap, because Jonathan went all out, announcing his desire to get the white alliance back into the lead in the game, and telling Candice (as well as viewers) that he trusted Candice more than anyone and wanted to go to the final 2 with her. Ouch.

Brad jumps the gun
Whether Brad was over-anxious or just dumb, he committed another faux pas by telling his tribe it was every man for himself, to which everyone disagreed. A disappointed Nate said he didn’t want to cut Brad’s throat, but at this point he had no choice.

Jonathan commits Survivor Suicide
After Jeff announced a new twist in which castaways would be allowed to mutiny and join the opposing tribe, Candice hardly had to think about rejoining her love Adam. And in a totally awkward moment that will pretty much seal his fate barring a miracle, a confused Jonathan felt the need to join her.

The mutiny left Aitu with just 4 members, and Ozzy with a new lease on life. Ozzy wasted no time with the disparaging remarks, telling the mutineers “they don’t have the backbone.”

A rolling good time
The Reward Challenge put 2 girls in barrels while 2 guys rolled them through an obstacle course, collecting buoys along the way. Ozzy put on a one-man show and Raro got stuck behind a current, and a decimated Aitu claimed an unlikely victory. And Ozzy continued the jawing, telling his dearly departed that “mutineers are the first to die.” Heavy.

The victory moved Sundra – the fifth member who was also given a new lease on life – to tears. And the reward – coffee, muffins, and letters from home – brought more tears and an even tighter-knit group of rejects.

Did Jonathan screw up?
Meanwhile, an incredulous Raro marveled at Jonathan’s stupidity. Candice couldn’t believe he followed her, and Nate thought it was hilarious that Jonathan thought he might have a chance with them, suggesting in a confessional that he was smoking something and asking, “Do you really think we have your back after we saw you sell out your other tribe? Are you dumb?”

Meanwhile, Jonathan admitted that trusting Candice was a gamble, and he seemed determined to make things work. He worked his butt off in camp while the rest of the tribe rested, and he approached Adam about restarting the white alliance. Adam seemed receptive…for the time being.

Bombs away
The Immunity Challenge was another great one, in which tribes paddled out in glass-bottom boats and lined up targets on the glass bottom with targets in the water to release cannon balls which, when they hit their target, sprung switches that released 3 groups of puzzle pieces. Raro quickly built a 2-0 lead, and lost it just as quickly, and Aitu won handily once again.

Nate the Poop Chopper
Once Candice rejoined Raro, she informed Adam of Jonathan’s smack-talking against him and his role in sending Adam to Exile Island. Predictably, Adam was not amused, and all thoughts about restarting the white alliance went pfft.

Now, no one likes to be targeted like Adam was by Aitu, but come on, Adam – what did you expect? Adam’s tough guy act was incredibly lame, although it seemed to work like magic on Candice. It’s a game, Adam. Did you expect Jonathan (or anyone else) to roll a red carpet out for you to the Final 2? Just another sad display of immaturity by Mr. Tough Guy.

Confronted with the choice between dumping the Benedict Arnold and the social outcast, Adam wisely surmised that Brad could rejoin former tribemates Yul and Becky at the merge, while Jonathan was hopelessly stuck – he had no place in Raro, and there was no way he could go back to Aitu.

Nate decided he needed to talk up Brad to trick him into thinking the vote was going to be for Jonathan, which didn’t make much sense. But it did provide us with, undoubtedly, the quote of the year:

“We can keep our family tight for a minute and chop them up like poop.” – Nate, discussing the elimination of Jonathan with Brad.

And this is why we wonder – how bad of a decision was it for Jonathan to jump ship? Left on Aitu without Candice with a group that clearly didn’t trust him, would his fate have been much different? Hard to say. his belly would be a little fuller, but hindsight is, of course, 20/20.

Jury selection begins early
That Brad was voted off wasn’t exactly a huge surprise, but for Jeff to reveal that he was the first jury member was. Does that mean a merge is right around the corner? Can Jonathan repair his situation?

Nate – Nate’s poop-chopping comment made the episode, but besides that he seems to have real influence in the workings of his tribe. He’s using his brain, especially with Jonathan and noting that if he turned on his own tribe he couldn’t possibly be trusted in Raro. In addition, his physical abilities seem to be a non-factor as far as where he sits in the tribe’s boot order.

Ozzy – Ozzy wasted no time in turning Aitu’s mutiny to his advantage. He’s always been physically dominating and a challenge stud, but as he noted he is totally recharged and is all smiles. Could he forgive Jonthan the turncoat in the event of a merge to secure his own status in the game?

Jonathan – Barring a miracle the likes of which we haven’t seen in twelve and a half seasons, Jonathan is toast. Whether or not his mutiny made that worse is pretty much irrelevant, because – maybe by his own fault, maybe not – Jonathan isn’t trusted by anyone and probably wouldn’t be allowed much further in the game. Every effort he’s made to fix that seems to have made the problem worse.

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