Mystery Bottle Reduces Raro by Two; Rebecca and Jenny Removed

“People That Like You Want to See You Suffer” Jonathan works hard to fit into Raro, who are falling apart at the seems, losing 2 more challenges and, thanks to a mysterious bottle 2 more tribe members, eliminating Jenny in a surprise vote right after ditching Rebecca. Here’s our recap and analysis…

Jew without a tribe
Jonathan seemed to realize pretty quickly that he made a mistake following Candice – maybe as soon as he had stepped off the mat. But he was bound and determined to do something about it, realizing that he was a “Jew without a tribe” as he worked his butt off trying to make himself indispensable.

The love birds make a pact
As dire as Jonathan’s situation seemed, though, he seemed at that point to hardly be worth a second thought. Candice, the prodigal girlfriend, was back, and being back from Exile Island gave her and Adam a chance to cement an alliance – and more.

“You and I are going to the end.” – Adam to Candice

Meanwhile, Jenny seems to be the only person who has seen Survivor: All-Stars, because she didn’t like Candice a bit. Worried that Adam might “falter” for someone not in the tribe’s alliance of 5, she was more than a little leery of Candice.

And of course we were treated to the obligatory vomit-inducing flirtation scene, with Adam kissing Candice’s widdle bitty boo-boos. But as bad as it was, it wasn’t even the low point for those two.

Ozzy the underdog
Back at Aitu, Ozzy was reveling in his new tribe and his newfound status as an underdog. Now, forgive us for asking, but hasn’t Ozzy pretty much been an underdog this entire game? The only difference now is that his whole tribe is an underdog instead of just him.

Rebecca who?
The treemail announcing the Reward Challenge was a curiosity, containing to directions, but instead just a legend of nautical flags and the letters they represented. Aitu wasted no time memorizing the legend, while Raro worked to get Rebecca involved in the game.

“Oh, Rebecca!” you must be saying. Yeah, we had completely forgotten she was in the game, too. She’s had no face time, and any time we catch a glimpse of her she looks like someone just told her that her dog died.

Coach Adam and Candice
The Reward Challenge was a digging exercise in which teams of two took turns digging up treasures in a sequence based on a compass, the opened the chests to reveal nautical flags which then had to be arranged to form a word based on the key which had arrived in treemail.

While Aitu worked systematically and methodically to un-dig their 4 treasure chests, Adam and Candice took a different approach. While Jonathan and Jenny dug, the lovebirds shouted a series of annoyed commands, telling Jenny to dig with both hands, and pushing the patience of the normally cool Jonathan. And then, hilariously, the couple stumbled on their own turn right out of the gate, unable to figure out which direction they were digging for. Jenny capped the ordeal by yelling for Adam to use both hands, as Adam seemed – just for a second – to realize what a jerk he was.

Aitu, needless to say, steamrolled to victory and elected to send Candice back to Exile Island, and when Jeff Probst asked if it was strategy or revenge, Yul said it was a little of both.

“Betrayal, strategy…at this point, same thing.” – Yul on the tribe’s decision to send Candice back to Exile Island

With friends like these…
When we rejoined Candice on Exile Island, she was in tears and in a fit of exasperation, cried about how horrible it was to have people who like you want to see you suffer. Now, Candice doesn’t seem to be an idiot, so why would she think that anyone at Aitu likes her?

Warrior’s welcome
In addition to banishing Candice (which seems more and more like it might be a reward in and of itself), Aitu was treated to a feast put on in their honor by the natives of the area. Ozzy was impressed with this “warrior’s welcome” and Sundra was overcome with emotion, but Yul stole the show, emerging from his shell and getting his freak on with some of the local babes. Clearly embarrassed during the whole scene, he attempted to bury his head in the sand more than once.

“That guy can dance — I didn’t know he had it in him.” – Ozzy on Yul’s celebratory moves

Leading by example
Jonathan continued to work hard, catching almost two dozen fish, and deciding that he not only needed to set an example, but that he would try and fill the role of the Ozzy for Raro, being the provider and keeping the tribe well-fed.

And it seemed to be working. Clearly impressed, the tribe’s focus shifted from the outcasty-ness of Jonathan to the melancholy dreariness of Rebecca, with Jenny noting that she had come up short in every challenge she had participated in.

Continued domination
The episode’s second challenge was another memory game, with tribes being provided in treemail with a map of area islands and the names of each. Contestants would swim one at a time out to a buoy, swim down to the ocean floor, and unlatch a group of tags to be affixed to a map (uncharacteristic for this season, both challenges were about as unoriginal as they sound).

Prior to the Immunity Challenge, Jeff pulled out a small green bottle noting that it was for the loser and was to be kept sealed until after the Tribal Council vote. Aitu obviously wanted nothing to do with it, winning the challenge handily – their fourth consecutive challenge victory.

Mystery bottle
Back at camp, rather than identifying what was causing them to continue to lose challenges, Raro instead took turns guessing what was in the cute little bottle. Holding a 7-4 majority over Aitu (and with one jury member already chosen), most of the speculation centered around the merge and, undoubtedly, the elimination of Aitu. Only Parvati seemed to understand that it was probably “something baaaaaad.”

A cruel twist
Although Jonathan was cautiously optimistic that Rebecca would be voted off, he still took the first available chance at Tribal Council to point out his twenty-odd fish caught in the last couple days, beeming when Jeff seemed impressed, and when Parvati admitted in was good to have him around.

Adam revealed that the vote was about production, or lack thereof. And in what they surely viewed as a mercy vote, the tribe voted out Rebecca as planned.

Then they opened the bottle – time to vote off someone else.

Clearly caught off guard and surprised that there wasn’t going to be a merge, the tribe voted again. Interestingly, Adam, Candice, Jonathan, and Parvati all voted together to oust Jenny, who obviously was only going to disrupt cuddle time between the lovebirds.

“Maybe this is the wakeup call this tribe needs to get it together.” – Jeff Probst, after Raro voted off Jenny

Maybe, Jeff, but probably not.

Jonathan – Not only has Jonathan gotten himself out of the doghouse, but he doesn’t seem to be anywhere near it. The tribe is well-fed thanks to his hard work, and elected to cannibalize itself to keep him around, even if it was to the objection of Nate. With the sacrificial lambs gone – and a blowup on his part next episode – will Jonathan be able to hang around long enough to make it to the merge, assuming there is one?

Adam – he’s big and he’s strong, but ultimately viewers came to the realization tonight that Adam offers nothing whatsoever to this tribe, other than cutesy boo-boo kisses. He’s bossy, he’s dumb, and the rest of his tribe doesn’t even seem to realize it. So really, the entire Raro tribe is a big fat zero.

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