Aitutonga Tempers Flare Up At Jonathan, But Candice Gets The Long Kiss Goodbye

“You’re A Rat!” After Jonathan cleans house in the Survivor auction, tribal tensions run to an all-time high as remaining Raro alliance does anything they can to get him out of the game as soon as possible – with each member going head to head with him, and even Yul is threatened with lost Final 2 votes if he doesn’t get rid of him.

After watching the advance clip of tonight’s episode posted at IGN the other day, who would have thought that after Parvati’s blow up, things could get even worse for Jonathan? But they did, and in a big way. And he weathered the storm.

Jonathan straightens out his alliances
Putting to rest any questions about his loyalty (he did screw over two separate tribes on two separate occasions, after all), Jonathan told us that he preferred the “Aitu people” as he called them, and even went so far as to say he’d rather see them win if he couldn’t. Which is good, because at this point his chances lie somewhere between slim and negative. After lambasting Jonathan for jumping ship, Parvati expressed her wish to “take his face and throw up all over it.” This is, of course, an example of her level of maturity, which as she later noted was twice Jonathan’s.

It was par for the course for what is left of Raro, who certainly don’t have a problem turning this into a personal game now that their heads rest on the chopping block. When your goal is to chop up your opponent like poop, how can you not expect them to do the same to you?

Parvati the puker
Parvati made another vomiting reference after Adam astutely noted that indeed it is not fun to be on the losing side. Her apparent preoccupation with puke is interesting, and we now know of at least one eel on the island who shares those sentiments.

Jonathan goes shopping
The Survivor Auction wasn’t so much an auction as it was a Jonathan Penner shopping spree. Wisely, Jonathan bid early and often, and although Parvati came out smelling closer to roses, Jonathan did well, scoring a hot dog, fries, pizza, beer, and some toothpaste (although the urge to let the taste linger for a few days had to be tempting). Parvati’s bath was next to worthless since she’s days away from all the baths she wants, but we have to admit she did look better afterward.

The true prize, however, went to Becky, who won the right to send Candice back to Exile Island and take all of her bidding money. She diplomatically said later that it was a strategy move and that Candice was too fierce a competitor, but there was no doubt nothing but revenge on the mind, and no question that if offered she would have used Candice’s money to buy a camera and a closed circuit TV to watch Candice sulking during her stay, insisting she’s all smiles in-between sobs.

Yul lets it all hang out
Also entertaining was Yul’s revelation to the entire tribe that he did, as Jonathan had tried to reveal earlier, possess the Hidden Immunity Idol – snuffing the tiny sliver of light Candice might have seen heading to her fourth trip to Exile Island. He even showed everyone, and even Parvati had to admit that it “looks authentic” which was particularly funny because her tone did not indicate distrust, like Yul might be trying to pull one over on them, but rather like she was paying the Idol a compliment. Awesome. Amazing. “Authentic.”

Jonathan skating on thin ice
Jonathan’s behavior coming off his engorgement was obnoxious to be sure, but equally obnoxious was the act put on by the remaining Raros that it was any kind of final straw. He belched and talked a little too much about how full he was, but it was hardly the nail in the coffin as far as old Raro was concerned. Simply put, he had gone one up on them again, and they were sick of it. They had no answer for it since their answers for everything revolved around necking in the hut, and their limited ability to comprehend how the game has played as them at a total loss on what to do about it.

Yul feeling the heat
Unfortunately Jonathan’s behavior, as blown out of proportion as it might have been, was the antithesis of old Aitu’s “graceful winner” philosophy. He rubbed his own alliance the wrong way, and in complete character departure, old Raro jumped at the chance to act on it.

In what was easily the smartest thing they had done in the last 30 or so days, Adam, Parvati, and Candice called out Yul as the ringleader in old Aitu and told him that if Jonathan isn’t taken out immediately, it will cost Yul in Final 2 votes. It was like someone had slapped them in the face. It was EXACTLY what needed to be said, and it was said to the right person.

Sadly for them it was as transparent as their personalities. At this point Jonathan could go up against Hitler in the Final 2 and walk away with just $100,000 – Yul has to know that there is no way they would vote Jonathan.

It was nice to see the player in Yul’s position be called out like that, which hasn’t happened in the past. It’s just as nice to see the player in Jonathan’s position not being completely oblivious to what’s going on. He knows old Raro hates him, he knows old Aitu is talking about him, and he knows that no one trusts him. The editing on Jonathan is phenomenal – you can’t help but to hate him, but you can’t help but to love him. Jonathan is playing this game like no other…it’s not always smart and it’s not always effective, but he is playing every position available to him. Throw it all against a wall and see what sticks. It’s about time “unpredictability” in this game meant more than talking to a piece of driftwood.

Just don’t call them late for dinner
Jonathan’s ballsy move to basically deny a meal to the Raro clowns was also a great move. When a guy comes back with dinner, how many times does he have to suggest someone get wood or build a fire so they can eat? Or could they just not hear because they had their tongues in each other’s ears? If the provider of all their meals can’t even mistakenly pick up a piece of coconut that’s laying out in the open without getting barked at, why should he give them his food?

We are being treated to a spectacular scene here. No one in this game as been as hated by his tribemates as much as Jonathan. Interestingly it doesn’t seem to be carrying over to the viewing audience. Jonny Fairplay has nothing on this guy. Even his allies don’t like him, and know that they would be fools to get rid of him for a number of reasons – but mostly because he gives then food (most of them anyway) and he makes the perfect Final 2 opponent.

Honesty is the best policy
Honesty in Survivor many times can be worse than lying, but Yul is so honest and forthright that he’s setting himself up for a near-unanimous Final 2 vote. He’s even honest about lying, telling Raro to their faces that they can’t fault him for telling them what he needs them to hear. With that statement, Yul established that he held the leash to every player in this game, and that it was his to lose. He was even able to outline is strategy for going up against Jonathan in the Final 2 to Becky, who was supposed to be his closest ally. His lack of denial when accused in front of Jonathan of saying he didn’t like the guy tells Jonathan unequivocally that he doesn’t, but it means nothing. At what point does Yul becaome Brian (Thailand) and people start willingly wait their turn at the guillotine so he can just win the stupid game?

The long kiss goodbye
The long, drawn out kiss between Adam and Candice as she head out for Loser’s Lodge seemed to be an attempt to make some kind of statement, but at what we’re not sure? Was it just that no matter how far down in flames they went, they would always be stupid together? Or did she just need to remember him and his lips that taste of snails? Whatever it was, it was ten times more obnoxious than a guy belching after a meal that he was smarter than you to buy.

Yul – no one could have imagined anyone would think to put Yul in the spotlight like Adam did, but he came through looking even better. Yul might as well have said, straight up, “Yeah, like YOU wouldn’t want to face him in the Final 2!” – there could be no argument for that. Yul holds the strings – nothing is happening that he hasn’t planned or permitted to happen with his blessing.

Parvati – Parvati’s participation in the auction just typified the lack of reason or logic the entirety or Raro has used in this game. Nothing in this game is more important than food and security, and she chose to bid on a bath. By her own admission she knew it was just a matter of days before she went home, and any positive effects of a bath would be negated in a couple of hours (if they were by the time she put her stinking clothes back on). So not only did she go hungry, but she didn’t even get dinner later because she decided to play flirty junior higher with Adam and Candice instead of help around camp or get ready for dinner.

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