Writer Blocked: Old Raro Duo Script End to The Jonathan Show

“Arranging a Hit” With the boot order seemingly set, Adam and Parvati recognize the need to start playing the game and lobby old Aitu to not let Jonathan get any further in the game. When a family visit-slash-Reward Challenge visit is won by Parvati and Jonathan is sent to Exile Island, the leftover Raros get ready to pounce.

“Everybody needs a bad guy, so I become the bad guy and everybody else is good; nobody else has lied, nobody else has manipulated things…everybody knows that’s not true.” – Jonathan

Jonathan who?
Right of the bat, tonight’s episode gave us two signs that Jonathan was losing favor in the tribe. The first was a shot of Ozzy, school of fish in hand, looking like he had enough food to feed the tribe for the rest of the game. And the second was an off-hand joke by Becky about Jonathan trying to make amends with Adam. Why would he need to do that if Adam was the next to be voted off?

Eh, she has 9 others
Was Candice’s vote-of a wake up call for Parvati? She actually got up and worked…as much as chopping coconuts can be considered “work”. Her extended vacation didn’t help her, as she sliced right into a finger with the machete. The show’s medical team came out, gave her some anesthetic and a stitch, and she was fine.

Water tossin’ with loved ones
At the Reward Challenge the castaways were told they’d be competing in a water-moving challenge for a picnic and a ceremony in a sacred cave with the locals. With their loved ones. And, oh yeah – blindfolded.

For most it was hopeless from the get-go, but after a while a few of the pairs were able to figure out the best way to toss and catch the water. Jonathan had to be proud of his wife, who displayed some of the ingenuity her husband had for the last few days, nearly winning the challenge by squeezing water out of her hair and shirt. But it was Parvati and her dad Mike who took the challenge, no doubt aided by the bulky bandage on her thumb which surely helped her throw more accurately…right?

Of course she sent Jonathan to Exile Island, and her dad was given the choice of two other castaway/loved one pairs to participate in the reward with them. Allowed zero input from anyone, Mike chose Sundra and her mom Jeanette, and Adam and his dad George.

Ozzy feels guilty
Annoyed by the family atmosphere at camp, Ozzy lamented his superior food gathering skills which helped feed Adam and Parvati and gave them the chance to win the last two challenges.

Noting that he can’t be “feeding Adam and Parvati and have them win,” Ozzy tells Yul he wants to hide the food for a couple of days. They toss a few coconuts into the brush, and Ozzy notes that Adam, Parvati, and…Jonathan wouldn’t be eating as well. Hmm…

But something happened…Yul, Becky, and Ozzy grew a conscience while everyone was away. Maybe it was because Adam, Sundra, and Parvati brought back so much food they made Ozzy seem obsolete, but Becky sheepishly admitted that their gift caused them to ditch the hidden food idea.

At this point one has to wonder if allowing Reward winners to bring back food is a decision based on the flow of the game. The gesture undoubtedly helped solidify a position – albeit perhaps a temporary one – for Adam and Parvati in the Aitu alliance.

Ozzy ruins the competition
The Immunity Challenge was a simple obstacle course across water to retrieve two sets of poles which were tied together to retrieve two keys. Everyone had trouble crossing the course – Becky and Parvati in particular found it impossible – but Ozzy had no trouble whatsoever, easily sprinting across the course and winning Immunity.

Jonathan gets the silent treatment
Upon returning to camp, Jonathan found that the tropical climate and cooled to a cold chill. Not being an idiot, Jonathan immediately realized he was being shunned, and even Sundra – who has done next to nothing to get where she is and certainly hasn’t stepped on any toes – couldn’t look him in the eye when she lied to him about Adam being the next to go.

Appealing to Yul, Jonathan noted his position as a perfect person to keep around – he wasn’t an Immunity threat, he worked his butt off to earn a place in the tribe, and, more importantly, his name wasn’t Parvati or Adam.

“Are they really gonna sacrifice themselves and all they’ve worked for because Parvati’s smiling at them now? Because Adam’s stepping up and gathering a little bit of wood?” – Jonathan

Before heading out to Tribal Council, Yul told Ozzy he didn’t want Adam or Jonathan in the final 5, seemingly setting the stage to keep Parvati around for a while. And why not? Thanks to her victory in the Survivor Auction the other day, she’s certainly the best smelling castaway out there. However, we’ll see how good she smells after gangrene sets in on that thumb.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan revealed that he believed a debt was owed to him by Aitu and that he believes he saved them. Undoubtedly seen as arrogant, it was the truth. Yul, ever the diplomat, seemed to have used up all his personality last episode and claimed that Aitu and Jonathan “saved each other.”

But there would be no more saving for Jonathan – he was voted off in what equates to one of the dumber moves in Survivor history. Adam and Parvati – who, may we remind you, won the two challenges before Ozzy’s Immunity victory tonight – are that much closer to a possible final 2 appearance, with a chance to win over a jury almost completely made up by their former tribemmates, who are all bitter toward the Aitu 4 for being better than all of them. They eat all the food and contribute next to nothing. And they just convinced Aitu to get rid of the perfect final 2 opponent.

None – Yul, Becky, and Ozzy managed to transform into complete idiots. Adam and Parvati made the game interesting, but they are still useless.

Yul – Whether he allowed Jonathan to be voted off so as to not rock the boat, or pushed the vote through himself, if was an incredibly stupid move. He had already been called out and labeled a ringleader, and his best chance at victory was probably against Jonathan. And the fact that he kept two recent reward victors doesn’t bode well for him either.

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