Aitutonga parts with Parvati, but Ozzy causes concern

“I Have the Advantage for Once” With Jonathan out of the way, the Aitu alliance turns toward eliminating the rest of their competition – but not before considering whether or not it was time to blow themselves up first.

Having succeeded in getting the Aitu alliance to turn on Jonathan, Parvati and Adam were cautiously optimistic about their chances and vowed to stick together and do everything in their power to win, knowing they had to win the Reward Challenge to keep Adam off Exile Island. The thing is, when Parvati said “we” need to work together, she really meant, “I’d better win this thing or I’m dead,” as Adam is one of the most worthless challenge performers this game has ever seen.

Down and dirty
The Reward Challenge was a unique one – contestants had to roll around in a mud pit, covering themselves in mud and scrape it into a bucket, with the winner being the person to unload the most in 10 minutes, without being able to carry it in their hands or arms. Yul was quick to figure out that using his back was just as good, and Ozzy used his head – literally – to carry giant loads back to the bucket. In fact, he nearly doubled the output of anyone else, easily winning the challenge and sending Adam to Exile Island, with runners up Parvati and Yul joining him on the pampering excursion.

Time for Ozzy to go?
Being the only people to return to camp, Becky and Sundra had a chance to chat, and dedicated the conversation to Ozzy.

“The challenge today told me a lot, in a sense, of Ozzy really likes to win…Ozzy just hates to lose…he is a bigger threat than I think people realize.” – Becky, on Ozzy

Really Becky? He likes to win? AND he hates to lose? It took this challenge to make you realize this? And that he was actually a threat? Here comes the clue train – next stop, Becky.

Meanwhile, Parvati was working her “charm” on Ozzy and Yul, neither of whom seemed to care. Either they’ve never had a woman work them over, or she’s really bad at it. I mean, she was naked in a hot tub and was desperate to stay in the game. And poor Yul looked like he was going to fill the hot tub with vomit. He saw right through her strategic flirting, as did Ozzy – although Ozzy seemed to realize that there was a very real opportunity that was at least worth considering.

When they got back to camp, Becky got to Yul right away to discuss Ozzy. Watching this, anyone who thinks that Becky has simply ridden Yul’s coattails isn’t watching this show at all. She has Yul wrapped around her finger – you can almost see Yul’s mind being altered and bent to her will. Of course he ended up agreeing with her, having gotten a pretty good idea that Parvati might be able to, at the very least, get him to listen to her. Sundra suggested they let things play out through the Immunity Challenge. They might as well have skipped to Jeff putting the necklace back on Ozzy right then.

Monkey toes
The Immunity challenge required our Survivors to cross a stepped balance beam carrying 4 bundles of puzzle pieces, one at a time. Ozzy, who is obviously descended from monkeys and should be thanking them for his amazing toes (seriously – watch the replay and see how he wraps those things around the beam), made short order of the challenge and destroyed everyone.

Adam and Sundra never even made it across the beam, and Adam even shouted “Come on!” in grief – whether it was at his own inability to cross (hint – Ozzy seems to do pretty well without his shoes) or he was blaming it on the beam wasn’t clear.

Time to beg
Since Parvati couldn’t deliver an Immunity (and there was no way he could have won it himself), Adam approached Yul and asked if he was going home, at which point Yul replied that if Adam wanted to stay instead of Parvati, he would see what he could do. Of course what he really meant was that he would run it by Boss Becky as he licked her boots clean.

With Adam stumbling (as he has for basically the entire game) into a lucky break, Parvati decided to be a little more active in her fate, continuing her working over of Ozzy. But Ozzy wasn’t about the share Jonathan’s fate, seeing that he was in a “precarious position” and couldn’t afford to ditch his alliance.

Whatcha doin’ over here?
At that point Yul saw that Parvati and Adam were talking to Ozzy and decided to go sit in on the conversation, at which point Ozzy left. Yul chastised Adam for trying to turn Ozzy against them, and Adam – taking a page out of the Book of Yul and basically saying, “What do you expect me to do?!” – realized that he might have hurt his chances by saying too much to Parvati and Ozzy…which might be cause to send him home.

Jonathan’s hat
Yul wondered aloud if it would be OK to take Jonathan’s hat back to him as requested. We kind of got the feeling that given some of the leeway granted to the cast this year it would be fine, even though there was supposed to be zero interaction with the jury. Jeff even made a big deal out of it, and no doubt everyone else wished they had thought of it (not to mention let Jonathan off a little easier considering he was a jury vote).

Jeff also addressed Parvati’s excursion with Yul and Ozzy, to which she flirtatiously agreed, “I’d say I bonded with the fellas…” which, hilariously, elicited a knowing smile from Brad on the jury.

Jeff finally addressed Adam’s ineptitude in the challenges…

Jeff: “Why do you think you are still in this game; you seem to to be the biggest physical threat – on paper…”
Adam: “I haven’t produced there very well, Jeff!”

But in the end it was Parvati’s awkward flirting that was eliminated.

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