DOUBLED DOWN: Foa Foa Falters, 2 Seniors Get Sunk

DOUBLED DOWN: Foa Foa Falters, 2 Seniors Get Sunk

“Taking Candy From A Baby” The old folks of Foa Foa fight in vain but both end up going home, while a new twist takesYasmin to Foa Foa to observe and report – but things get testy between she and Ben over Ben’s behavior in the Immunity Challenge while he gets under the skin of his own tribe.

Episode Summary

Betsy and Russell H. discussed the events of the previous night’s Tribal Council; he told her she made a big mistake, and she told him she just didn’t trust him but they could still get together to talk. Russell told her flat out that she was not a threat to him and she said in a confessional that she was not afraid to stand up to him.

The next day, Jaison and Russell began talking alliances, and Russell began talking about the Hidden Immunity Idol despite the fact that no announcement had been made that one even existed. Russell did begin hunting for the idol and not only did he find it, but managed to avoid anyone seeing he found it – even though the tribe was gathered around him to see why he was digging around inside a tree trunk. In separate confessionals, Russell surprisingly announced that he trusted Jaison – more than Ben – and that he told Jaison of the Idol even though he had planned to not tell anyone.

At Foa Foa, Yasmin began complaining about the outdoors, camping, and being dirty. Betsy and Mike, as the older (and already outcast) members of the tribe, began to worry and starting talking strategy. Betsy began working over other members of the tribe to keep them around, but Liz and everyone else seemed to agree that Mike would need to go next as the weakest member of the tribe. When tree mail came, Mike was excited at the prospect of a physical chanllenge where he could prove his worth.

The Reward Challenge was a combination of rugby and basketball, where 3 members of each tribe fought in a pit for balls to be thrown to 3 tribemates on platforms to throw across the playing firld into netted goals. Monica sat out for Galu because they had one extra member. Things got extremely physical extremely quickly – so much so that Jeff had to stop the game and issue a warning. Despite that, Ben was removed from the game for tripping a Galu – noted as the first contestant ever kicked out of a challenge. The removal hurt Foa Foa and they lost the challenge.

The challenge took its toll on Mike, who seemed disoriented and didn’t even want to move by the end of the challenge. Jeff called in medical who found Mike had low blood pressure and couldn’t even stand up, and was evacuated on the spot.

At Galu, Shambo took the opportunity to prove her worth by using the tribe’s new fishing gear to catch some fish. Except that instead of catching fish, she used the excuse to relax in a pond that was too muddy to see to fish. Returning to camp, Shambo had good news and bad news – the bad news was that she lost part of the fishing gear, and the good news was that there were lots of fish out there…even though she wasn’t able to catch any of them, much to Laura’s annoyance.

A twist revealed at the end of the Reward Challenge had Russell S., as leader of the winning tribe, selecting one of his own tribe to go to the losing tribe to observe and report, returning after Tribal Council. He picked Yasmin, who wasted no time annoying Foa Foa. In a bold display, she called the tribe around her and announced she was there to help, because she wanted more of a game of things and that so far it was like taking candy from a baby. Russell H. was so ticked that he left, and Jaison was offended as well. She called out Ben to talk in private, then railed on him for tackling her in the challenge when he was a “dude” and she weighed only 110 pounds. Ben berated her poor grammar, calling her “ghetto trash”, and defended his actions saying it was part of the game and he was preventing her from going after his teammates.

And the rest of Foa Foa seemed to agree on some level with Yasmin. Ben didn’t help matters by noisily starting a fire that already existed and chopping wood late at night while everyone was sleeping. It was enough for Betsy to use to build a case against him for Tribal Council but not enough for anyone else, and Betsy – the only Foa Foa to take her belongings to Tribal Council – was voted off.

Episode Commentary

  • We’re quite surprised that Yasmin found as many sympathizers at Foa Foa for her diatribe against Ben. And this might point to a larger issue for Foa Foa. Where is the killer instinct? It’s pretty pathetic that the worst that comes of her visit is that a few people were offended. Whatever problems Ben has, at least he’s got that instinct. In sports, teams crave that from players – it gives them something to unite over and build around. There is no hunger on that tribe to win – only Russell has anything close and it’s completely self-serving and of no benefit to the tribe whatsoever. Show some attitude, Foa Foa. Call out Yasmin for having the audacity to talk down to you in your own camp, and make it known to her and yourselves that you’re not taking this lying down. Because right now, you are.
  • We’re hard pressed to remember a player in worse shape than Mike was. How did anyone in Foa Foa expect him to be broken in a profoundly physical challenge? He didn’t seem particularly strong, and having belly blubber like that is not the same as being big.
  • A lot was made of the physicality of the Reward Challenge, but was it really the most physical, to the point that the game had to be stopped and a warning issued? We remember a particularly nasty challenge on Survivor: Palau where several players took nasty beatings, and no one kicked Joel out for knocking Chet around in Micronesia.
  • This cast is way, way, way too big. Especially considering Russell’s dominating personality and game play – players are getting completely choked out of coverage. Had we heard anything from or about Laura before her complaint about Shambo? Brett, Dave, and Monica have been almost completely invisible, and even more important players like Russell S. and Mick – the tribe leaders – have had little face time. Scaling back on a big personality isn’t the answer, obviously, so there need to be some double eliminations here and a note to avoid huge casts in the future. Quality, not quantity. It’s a huge problem because not only is Russell a big personality, he is the only personality, and once he’s gone this season is in danger of becoming a snoozefest.


  • “The hood’s not the woods.” – Yasmin, on why it’s better to just stay indoors
  • “I’m a mean motor scooter and a bad go-getter.” – Mike, on why he deserved to stay in the game
  • “The good news is – you’ll never believe it – there’s fish in the ocean!” – Laura, annoyed, on Shambo’s news that there were millions of fish out there
  • “Each time someone threatens me, they’re going home…whatever I want, happens.” – Russell H.

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