BEN OVER: Confederate Cretin Canned


“It’s Called A Russell Seed” Shambo is on the outs with Galu but gets a reprieve when Russell S. sends her to Foa Foa. Russell H. continues running the show at Foa Foa, but when his need to keep Ben around runs afoul of the rest of the tribe’s plans, he’s forced to adapt.

Episode Summary

On day 7, Jaison started spreading the word that he wanted Ben gone. Russell H. approached Natalie to ask who she thought should go next, and Natalie hemmed and hawed and didn’t answer, prompting Russell to complain that no one was playing the game and were all his to control.

Ben tried to teach Mick how to start a fire without using too much flint, but Mick couldn’t seem to get it. He then told Liz that the girls’ hands were too small and weak to be able to hold the flint and start a fire, and commented in a confessional that the tribe wouldn’t survive if he wasn’t around. Then he started talking about the great poop he had that morning and asking everyone else how their poop has been.

As adventure-filled as Foa Foa’s day was, things were just as dull at Galu. Nothing is happening over there. Shambo almost started to consider thinking about starting controversy when she started griping that some of the younguns were doing yoga instead of gathering firewood, water, or food.

Cut back to Foa Foa after that  tittilating scene, where Russell H. has decided that he disagrees with efforts to get rid of Ben in the tribe and that he needs Ben. He executed a plan to place blame on Ashley by telling Ben that she was the one spearheading efforts to get rid of Ben. Of course Ben approached her on it, and of course she was baffled as to what he was talking about.

The tree mail for the Reward/Immunity Challenge contained fresh new swimsuits, much to Monica’s delight. The challenge itself required tribes to swim out in teams of 2 to retrieve 4 crates, colored on each side – one at a time – and assemble them into a tower which had to have 4 different colors on all 4 sides. Defenders from opposing tribes tried to stop the 2 retrievers on their way out. Russell H. had to sit for Foa Foa, while Shambo, Yasmin, Erik, & Brett sat for Galu. Galu took a huge and early lead and won the challenge.

For the reward, Russell S. had to choose between comfort (pillows and towels) and necessity (tarp and food). He decided to pander to the women of the tribe and take the comfort, with Yasmin definding his decision by saying they weren’t needing for food – even though the men strongly disagreed with this decision yet said nothing. Russell also chose to send Shambo to Foa Foa.

Shambo wasted no time meeting and greeting with Foa Foa, who raved about her positive attitude and her difference in attitude from Yasmin. She also put it all on the line, telling them that she didn’t feel connected with her tribe.

As things heated up before Tribal Council, Jaison decided to tell everyone that if Ben wasn’t voted out, he’d leave the game, and promised to air out his dirty laundry at Tribal Council. And he did, wasting no time and calling Ben disruptive, rude, and racist. Natalie was stuck between them and, predictably, offered nothing to the debate. Ben defended himself poorly and rejected the chance to apologize or take back what he said, and was voted off.

Episode Commentary

  • We’ll take another opportunity to compain about the size of the cast and the lack of anything interesting by 95% of them. Monica’s contribution to the episode was to express glee at receiving new clothes. Dave, Erik, and John each got a few seconds to complain about Russell S.’s reward choice. Natalie demonstrated her lack of interest in playing the game. And on and on. What they need to do to save this season is change the rules so that the tribe that does the worst at the challenges is declared the winner, because if we get an all-Galu post-merge tribe we all might as well shut off the TV and get a couple extra hours of sleep on Thursday nights.
  • Shambo’s complaining about the yoga squad exercising when there was food to be gathered is laughable considering her “efforts” last episode to fish, in which she not only didn’t fish and decided to relax instead, but she lost the fishing equipment in doing so. So, sorry, Shambo – you don’t have a leg to stand on there.
  • Russell’s willingness to conform to the tribe’s wishes in voting out Ben was wise, but we’re sure he’s plotting their destruction for daring to have a gameplan that differed from his. And while his gameplay is impressive, it’s starting to become apparent that it’s not so much an issue of control as he claims as it is an issue of taking advantage of a tribe full of people who clearly have no interest in doing the work needed to get ahead in the game.


  • “Without my help these people will die. I saved the day once again .” – Ben, on his usefulness around camp
  • “I’m gonna have them all under control, like zombies walking around.” – Russell
  • “I feel alienated because I’m not part of the 90210 clique.” – Shambo, reflecting on her outcast status
  • “We call you ‘Mick Dreamy.” – Shambo, to Mick

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