“Hungry For A Win” Shambo continues to dream of a life at Foa Foa, and when a Reward Challenge win nets Galu some chickens, she wastes no time in letting one escape. Erik hunts for the Hidden Immunity Idol, and when Galu is finally forced to Tribal Council, Russell finds his tribe unwilling to follow his lead.

Episode Summary

Foa Foa returned to camp after voting out Ben, and Russell H. noted that he didn’t want to vote off Ben but Ben’s actions at Tribal Council left him no choice. After Jaison said he was rethinking signing up for this game, Russell decided Jaison was no longer fit as an ally and might need to be voted off.

Shambo was missing Foa Foa even more, even going so far as to claim she had a “following” there. Erik, knowing Shambo had clues to a Hidden Immunity Idol, started to press her for clues – even offering to share the spoils should he find it. But before he could formally suggest an alliance. John came up and jumped into the conversation. Shambo was all too willing to form an alliance with the two, having to friends of her own, and offered up the clues.

Tree mail directed tribe leaders to select 2 tribe mates to participate in a challenge which could find them returning with food. Mick picked Natalie and Russell H. (for his strategic skills) and Russell S. brought Shambo and Dave (for his “brains and firepower”). The players arrived to find a treasure chest, crate with chickens, and no Jeff. After standing around for a few minutes, Shambo and Natalie raced to claim the chickens, and Dave, opening the treasure chest, found directions for a game of bocce. Foa Foa held the closest position to the flag for most of the game, but on the last throw Dave knocked Russell’s ball right next to the flag for the win.

During the challenge, Erik sent the tribe off to work (or in the case of John and Yasmin, to sleep) to hunt for the Hidden Immunity Idol. And he did find it, stowing it away so no one would find it. Upon returning from the challenge, Shambo told Galu that they would need to build trust and a relationship with the chickens to get them to lay eggs, and started talking (read: clucking) to them.

Russell H. decided his new ally should be Natalie, even though she was too stupid to reach the final 2 on her own, since she had been riding his coattails the whole time anyway. She seemed to accept, noting that he had rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and would be a good final 2 opponent.

The next day, as Shambo was talking to the chickens, one got away. Shambo and Erik chased it around, and as Erik was running after it he was clotheslined by the clothesline. He chased it up a tree but it escaped; not even Shambo’s coaxing clucking could get it down. Shambo was surprised that chickens could fly, to Russell’s amazement. The next day, Kelly spent an hour opening a coconut while Yasmin watched, and wanted milk from it once it was open. Kelly told her it had none then offered some to Laura and Monica, complaining about Yasmin’s laziness and noting that she would likely be the first voted out.

The Immunity Challenge was a race; tribes ran across a net run carrying blocks, stacking them up at the end. Upon finishing they raced one-by-one across a rope bridge to untie another set of blocks and create an even higher stack. Shambo, Laura, Dave, & Russell S. sat out for Galu. Galu took an early lead but Foa Foa caught up when Monica took too long across the rope bridge. Foa Foa won for their first Immunity Challenge victory.

Erik and Russell decided to vote out Monica because of her poor challenge performance, noting that even though Yasmin was lazy she was a good challenge performer. The rest of the tribe, ignoring Russell’s wishes, wanted to vote out Yasmin for her laziness. Yasmin and Shambo struck up an alliance, and Yasmin criticized the rest of the tribe for being upset at Shambo for losing the chicken. At tribal council, Brett called out Yasmin for not working, and Russell said that challenge performance was most important in factoring in votes. Yasmin agreed, calling out Monica, but Yasmin was voted out.

Episode Commentary

  • Shambo continues to be a huge liability for Galu – more than they even know. 11 days in, and she has lost fishing gear, let a chicken escape, and effectively defected to Foa Foa. Galu is now 3 people up, which isn’t really a lot; all it takes is a strategically-placed twist to even things out, and Shambo isn’t likely to stay loyal anyway. Plus, she has a really, really bad mullet. Time to vote her out.
  • Erik is a bit of a wild card as well. He seems loyal to Russell S., but there’s no love lost between Erik and Dave. After his finding of the Idol and his comments about the tribe sucking, he might be one they should be careful of as well.
  • Is Russell S. making too much of his tribe not following his directive in voting? It didn’t seem like an open revolt against his leadership, and he didn’t seem to be forceful or demanding that Monica be the one to go, but on the other hand Erik seemed to be the only one to consult with him before the vote. It looks like Russell S. is more of a figurehead or ceremonial leader rather than an actual leader, and it would behoove him to take charge of his tribe.
  • Apparently there is a guy playing the game named “Brett” – he spoke briefly at Tribal Council. We had no idea.


  • “I now believe that coming here was the worst decision I’ve made in my entire life.” – Jaison
  • “I have no problem going to Foa Foa because I’ve got a following there.” – Shambo
  • “It’s so demoralizing…It’s so ludirous that we can’t even pull off freakin’ bocce ball.” – Mick, after Dave’s come-from-behind win for Galu
  • “Her and Erik are running around chasing it; it’s like Tweedledee and Tweedledum…Erik is running around chasing it and gets clotheslined by the clothesline. It was pure comedy right there.” – Dave, on the calamity after the chicken escaped
  • “I didn’t know they could frickin fly.” – Shambo, after the chicken escaped
  • “Shambo tells me, ‘Oh I feel really bad, but at least I produced an egg’. You didn’t produce an egg; the chicken laid the egg! What did you do to produce the egg, Shambo?!…This tribe sucks.” – Erik, after Shambo let the chicken escape

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