VOMIT AND VAMOOSE: Ashley Throws Up And Strikes Out


“Walking On Thin Ice” A poor performance in a gross food challenge proves to be Ashley’s undoing, and two days straight of torrential downpours threaten to undo everyone else. Russell S. punishes Shambo for losing a chicken, and Russell H. almost threatens Liz for daring to question him.

Episode Summary

Galu returned to camp and immediately not only noticed how much better things were without Yasmin, but how socially awkward Shambo was (with Monica noting that Shambo was her “next choice”). The tide was so massive that Erik found it impossible to bathe, and Foa Foa knew it was the beginning of some real weather problems.

The Reward Challenge was the beloved gross food challenge with a bit of a twist – instead of eating the gross items outright, one contestant from each tribe went up against each other to spin a wheel with two balls that landed on ingredients to be blended into a “Samoan smoothie”. Everyone performed well until the last round before a potential tiebreaker, in which Ashley had to give up, costing Foa Foa the challenge. Galu won a large amount of good meat for a barbecue.

Russell S. chose Shambo to the the exile, knowing she would not be able to partake in the challenge. She defiantly asked “Excuse me?” then begged him to “spread the love” but Russell held fast and told his tribe she “had to pay for that chicken.” Shambo said twice that she would definitely miss the protein in the meat.

It might have been karma, but Russell couldn’t get a fire going for the barbecue. Dave said it was because the fire was going and Russell was poking around in it, and Russell told Dave he talked a lot. Russell told Dave he didn’t need backtalk, he needed action, and Dave said repeatedly that Russell needed to ask him nicely. Others in the tribe asked him but Dave insisted “the chief” had to be the one who asked. After a few minutes Dave realized he was causing a problem, apologized to Russell, and got the fire going.

Shambo shared her Hidden Immunity Challenge clues with the rest of Foa Foa. The last clue clearly indicated the idol was hidden up inside a tree trunk but they couldn’t find it. Shambo “knew” that Ben got voted out holding it and not playing it, and Liz “knew” that Russell was lying and he actually did have it. She confronted Russell about it privately, and when pressed he snapped, telling her she was skating on thin ice and asking her if she wanted to be the next to be voted off.

That night the downpour started and Kelly realized they made a mistake taking the blankets over the tarp.

Before the Immunity Challenge Shambo returned to Galu and was greeting with only a small half-hug from Erik. Jeff noted this and Monica said she would have to get over it because it was a game and everyone was trying to keep warm.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of 2 tribe members from each tribe each holding a rope connected to a large net made to have coconuts thrown into it by the opposing tribe. Russell H. and Liz held for Foa Foa and Russell S. and Laura held for Galu. Dave, Shambo, & Brett sat out for Galu. Galu went after Russell H. early and caused him to drop out with a full net. Liz held tough as long as she could but eventually dropped out as well, handing Galu the win.

The downpour prevented Foa Foa from splintering off to discuss alliances and plans, and the tribe decided – after no one volunteered to go home – that everyone should just vote for whomever they wanted. Ashley and Liz said in confessionals they would vote for each other. Mick said the guys were tight and it would likely be one of the girls – our first real hint of a male alliance. Natalie knew it would be one of the girls, and Jaison said he would go to Tribal Council and figure it out there.

At Tribal Council, Jaison noted that the game was harder even than grueling water polo practice he went through. Talk came around to trust with Russell H. noting it was the most important aspect of the game, and Ashley saying she trusted Natalie and Russell most, with Russell having taken her under his wing. Liz said she trusted everyone, and Russell said the tribe was tight and the vote wasn’t really up in the air. Ashley was voted out, having even received a vote from Natalie.

Episode Commentary

  • Russell H.’s tone and demeanor at Tribal Council was interesting. It was a combination of defeatedness, humility, and even a little bit of exasperation. We aren’t at all dismissing the notion that he was acting the whole time, but to what degree? Is the game finally taking its toll on Russell? Was it just a moment of weakness? The effect of constantly losing and sitting soaked in the cold rain can crack even the toughest shells, and it’s not unreasonable to suggest Russell is starting to feel the effects.
  • Mick’s claim that the “guys were tight” is interesting…everything seems to point to Russell and Natalie having a legitimate alliance, and Russell seems legitimately peeved (or at least frustrated) with Jaison. Russell has said he trusts Mick – enough to have showed him the idol – but why doesn’t Mick seem to know about Natalie’s position with Russell? It looks like Mick is in no tighter with Russell than Natalie, even though the relationship with Natalie seems to be superficial and with Mick to be genuine.
  • Kudos to Russell S. for having the guts to punish Shambo for losing the chicken. Somebody had to go without food – it might as well be someone who didn’t deserve it and who would very possibly be the next person to go. It was an easy decision to make, but it isn’t easy for most people to rationalize it.


  • “I threw up, like, immediately.” – Ashley, after the Reward Challenge
  • “I’m trying to downplay my awesomeness, because it speaks for itself.” – Dave, after finally getting fire going
  • “They are in trouble. After I finish this, I could take the whole team by myself.” – Russell S., after Dave finally gets fire going
  • “I’m telling you, you’re lying to me.” – Liz, insisting Russell H. is lying about having a Hidden Immunity Idol
  • “This is the first day I’m convinced that we might be at a real serious disadvantage. You know, this tribe just doesn’t look good anymore.” – Jaison, after the Immunity Challenge loss
  • “To me, it’s about who you can trust. That’s like gold in this game. The thing is I really trust the people around me. And that’s the problem.” – Russell

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