RUSSELL CRUMBLES: Galu Leader Unglued


“This Is The Man Test” Conditions in Samoa go from bad to worse as contestants battle hunger, dehydration, and cold. Russell S. pushes himself to the brink and his body finally gives out, bringing his game crashing down.
Foa Foa’s near death experience

Look, it’s very impressive that the contestants are able to withstand all of the problems that they’re having thrown at them, and without question this is one of the toughest seasons ever, but please tell me we didn’t actually hear Jeff say “assuming (Foa Foa) could survive the conditions.” Nobody believes you guys are that hard core, Jeff, so knock it off.

Also, Mick needs to lay off the machismo. After Erik brought the talk at Tribal Council Mick didn’t back down, which is admirable, but again – no one is going to be threatened by a guy who complains that he was jealous of Ashley for getting to go home, or walks around complaining that fate is against his tribe.

Liz might as well quit

Big thumbs down to Liz for a comment she made when discussing who to vote for: “It doesn’t make sense to vote out of the the guys.” Uh, it does if they are targeting you, Liz. You already know that Russell wants you gone for daring to go against him. Use that against him. Stop laying down and letting him and the rest of the tribe roll over you.

Monica vs. Shambo

The exchange between Monica and Shambo was great. Monica is basing her vote solely on the fact that Shambo voted her her, as if she should have tried to vote for herself, and Shambo – who actually has a decent argument – is so in-you-face and confrontational that she hurts her argument.

The Galu guys are too arrogant for their own good. No one who has seen any of this show in its 19 seasons should be saying something as stupid as “she’s not a threat at all.” They have completely alienated her…then turned around and gave her the chance to bond with the other tribe, who has an even bigger chip on their shoulder that normal because of the way they’ve been dominated the entire game. And besides that, all it takes is a ridiculous twist from out of the blue to even things up. Wise up and stop patronizing Shambo if you want to continue dominating this game.

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  1. GB says:

    Love the blog! Keep it up.

    I’m just waiting for Russell and his “seeds” to get what’s coming to him.

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