“Houdini Magic” The Galu men hurry a plan into place to both Russell and still keep their number advantage, pushing Shambo into the tribe chief role. Foa Foa continues their losing ways and starts grasping at straws to rid them of their supposed curse.

Shambo becomes an even bigger tool

The Galu guys played the right cards in moving Shambo into a position of power and professing loyalty to her. It was smart to do – the younger girls don’t seem to have any kind of game plan in mind and seem to only be interested in alienating others. And what kind of girls alliance doesn’t cement their position by flirting with the boys alliance? Shame on Shambo for not realizing she’s being played (and not even particularly skillfully) and for sending Laura to Foa Foa instead of Monica. Laura has already been noted as a strong challenge performer and Monica an noticeably poor one, so cut the crap and grow a pair; it was a personal decision – say so.

Russell plants another seed

True to form, Russell wasted no time in setting up another potential alliance with Laura. A lot of it was ridiculous – how can Laura not be suspicious when minutes after they met, he tells her he wants to be in the final three with her? She entertained the notion enough but the look on her face was one of unease; she wisely saw the potential and wisely kept it at arm’s length. It wasn’t clear from the footage we saw, but it would be interesting to know how much of a role Russell played in Natalie’s welcoming of Laura (which really bugged Liz) or if there was any detailed discussion about the final 3 proposal between the girls.

Quitters never win

Jaison’s exhaustion showed again as he dragged himself out of the water in the Immunity Challenge and he couldn’t concentrate during the puzzle assembly – but more interestingly, did we catch a look of exasperation and disappointment when Liz was voted off instead of him? It didn’t look like relief, it looked like he was dreading the idea of having to spend another second out there. He’s already said he wants to quit. If things are so bad and it’s so hard to carry on, just leave.

Foa Foa: Failures

Foa Foa is one of the worst tribes to ever play this game. They have no intestinal fortitude and a constant and consistent inability to step it up when the moment demands it. But the good news is that they are a pretty tight-knit tribe and have done a good job befriending Shambo and Laura, and that personable quality will go a long way in integrating with a tribe that is much more splintered than we are seeing so far. We wouldn’t’ be the least bit surprised to see the Galu girls picked off early and Shambo siding with old Foa Foa members during the home stretch.

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