CLOTHESLINED: Enormous Ego Elicits Erik’s Ending

CLOTHESLINED: Enormous Ego Elicits Erik's Ending

“All Hell Breaks Loose” The tribes merge and Foa Foa immediately goes into full recovery mode, as Russell begins targeting individual Galu members and revealing his idol to gain their trust. But it’s the stealthy work of Natalie that unites the new tribe to take out an ego that had become to big for its own good.

The ego has crash landed

Erik made the classic fatal mistake of getting too big for his own britches. Anyone who has seen this game knows that you don’t start openly flaunting your power and talking down to people…the fall of the Rotu 4 in Survivor: Marquesas was a great example of why you do your dirty deeds as discreetly as possible. And especially this soon after the merge…tsk tsk, Erik. His comment about Galu being a cohesive tribe just proved that he had no idea what was going on.

Russell is doing the arrogance thing right. Be arrogant in private and put up a good front that you are all for unity and all that. Even if you do look down on people – don’t let them know it. Russell will be the perfect final 2 opponent but, outside of Natalie and maybe Jaison, nobody knows it yet because he plays things close the vest in that he doesn’t give anyone any idea how stupid he thinks they are.

Russell plants another seed

John’s acceptance of Russell’s alliance proposal and Dave’s acceptance of voting out Erik were surprising, even though we knew that Dave thinks Erik is an idiot and he showed unease when it was suggested to vote out Monica. So was Erik the only Galu guy that thought there was a men vs. women alliance?

Natalie flying under the radar

Natalie is proving to be one to watch. She’s in with Russell (more so than any of his fake alliances, it seems) so he’s looking out for her. She very effectively befriended Laura during her previous trip to Foa Foa, and she has intertwined herself in with the Galu girls and convinced them to vote off one of their own in Erik. Russell is the one making the waves but Natalie is doing what it takes to slip in under the radar. Watch her.

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4 Responses

  1. Boston Nozzel says:

    It was funny watching poor Russel’s face during the t-ball challenge; 1st watching John beat him on the LAST shot; then watching Laura beat the women on her last shot, changing his plans which he spent so much time crafting…but thats why we watch becuase nothing is predcitable

  2. Nam says:

    Why didn’t Probst ask, “If anyone has the immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so?”

  3. GB says:

    So here’s why I’m confused. I don’t know why they went for Eric, outside of all the girls being offended he wanted to vote off Monica.

    The thing is, though, Eric never wanted to do that. It was John’s idea that he took to everyone’s out! So, it seems he got canned b/c of what John wanted and John was too wossy to back him up once they went for him.

  4. GB says:

    Oops… I meant, “his idea that he took to everyone ELSE”

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