KELLY BELLY UP: Russell’s Surprise Idol Flabbergasts Galu


“Tastes Like Chicken” As Galu solidifies plans for eliminating Foa Foa, Natalie and Russell continue to fight for position. Natalie impresses the tribe by killing a rat, and Russell – figuring there must be another Hidden Immunity Idol in play – found it without confirmation and with no clues…much to the amazement and frustration of old Galu.

Natalie kills a rat

Natalie’s rat killing was her moment in this game – the type of moment where a player realizes they can do whatever they determine they need to do, stop existing in the game and start actually playing. Although her spearheading of Erik’s ouster shows that she isn’t merely existing, her play seems cautious and reserved. Look for her to become more aggressive.

Jaison’s assessment of the kill was particularly funny. He was amazed that the “Southern belle” in her “bikini” was able to overcome and kill a rat and was so proud of her – which only marginalized and patronized her – as if she’s somehow a real player now. Meanwhile Jaison has done nothing even remotely similar to this and has basically sat on his thumbs the entire game, getting up only to whine.

Shambo the swing vote

There is a running vote on Survivor about swing votes – everybody always seems to be deluded by self-importance and think they s/he is a swing vote at some point. But Shambo is a true swing vote right now and is playing her part perfectly. She’s not exactly the brightest bulb and it remains to see if she has any self-interest in aligning with Russell or is just doing it to get away from Galu. She seems to be fooling Galu even though they saw through her attempts at saving Russell, and it looks like she’ll play a huge part in the vote next week.

No clues, no confirmation…no problem

Russell’s finding and execution of the Hidden Immunity Idol made this, unquestionably, one of the greatest episodes of Survivor in the history of the show. That, coupled with his new found semi-humility and second guessing of himself has turned him into a likable character (and let’s not forget that everyone – everyone – loves an underdog). The amount of determination and skill needed to pull off what he pulled off cannot be overstated.

Old Galu getting old

Galu has been edited from the beginning to be basically unlikable, but this episode took that in a new direction. Particularly with Laura, who, without saying a word, transformed into a completely bitter and loathsome beast before our very eyes. Is it that sour face she makes all the time? Is it that she presents herself as a holy roller while she bounces around with superficial fake boobs? It’s hard to pinpoint what is is, but she’s losing fans with every pucker. And as we’ve pointed out before, the hypocrisy in her bitterness is laughable – as if she wouldn’t have loved to pull off the same massive upset if she had the brains to think of it.

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5 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait to see what goes on with Shambo next week. I think she is the key. Any idea what they will do in event of a tie? As long as Laura doesn’t win again, I think she will jump at the chance to attempt to vote her off. I do really like the guys of Galu – I especially liked Dave’s response to the idol, which was just to chuckle – meanwhile, Laura was shooting darts with her eyes. Hilarious.

  2. Ron says:

    By the preview, Galu is going to give Russel a run for his money.. literally. Wonder if they’re gonna beat him up to get the idol he finds?

  3. Mike says:

    Laura really went ove rthe top in immaturity when she complained that Russell somehow stepped over the line by playing the idol (all he’s done is stir up hell…). She obviously feels he should have just rolled over so her friends can all come along for the ride.

  4. Russell is going to have to work his butt off to win some immunities, otherwise he’ll have a serious target redrawn on his back. Everyone knows he’s a snivling rat. And then they ate one.

  5. Anastasia says:

    So true that human beings almost always relate to underdogs. I wonder why that is? I started off hating Russell and now I’m rooting for him and his old tribe.

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