PRIZE FOR THE BOWTIE: Bob wins Survivor Gabon

PRIZE FOR THE BOWTIE: Bob wins Survivor Gabon

“Say Goodbye to Gabon” Bob continues his challenge domination, but when he comes up short at the final Immunity Challenge, Susie steps up – forcing Sugar to go back on her word in order to keep her father figure in the game…a decision that would ultimately net Bob a million dollars.

How Bob won
One word: likability. Bob had it, Susie had a little of it, and Sugar apparently had none. Bob was smart, useful, and loved. You didn’t see him crying when he had to vote someone out, and you didn’t hear him drone on and on about how proud he was of himself after winning a challenge. He listened to the right people at the right times, and voted against the right people at the right times. His game was neatly summed up with his actions just before the next-to-last Tribal Council; knowing that there was a chance there would be a tie vote, and knowing that the tie-breaker might involve making fire, Bob went off by himself and practiced making fire.

Susie is apparently very proud of herself
An interesting tidbit about Survivor: Gabon that most viewers probably didnt’ pick up on: Susie didn’t actually think she could get as far as she did initially and she was very proud of herself for winning that final Immunity. Just thought we’d bring that up if anyone missed it, because it was glossed over during the show.

Oh no she didn’t
Did Crystal seriously call out Susie for being a coattail rider? Seriously?

Kenny’s short term memory
Does Kenny not remember agreeing to the new terms Bob put forth regarding the handing over of his Idol? Funny how he tried to call out Bob for it and Bob casually mentioned the need to avoid being stabbed in the back and how that made Kenny shut up.

Kenny played a good game. He had a few extremely lucky breaks, but it’s easy to discount how much luck plays into the game. You have to give credit to someone who makes the most of their lucky breaks, and Kenny certainly did. But his game unraveled when he mistook luck for skill, and began to see himself as a mastermind. Kenny was smart, but he was no mastermind. As Matty indicated, the second you get cocky and let your guard down, that’s the second that someone else has to connect with the knockout punch.

A distant second?
It was Kenny and Crystal’s revenge votes (which always – always – make the voters look small and pathetic) that made Susie look like she was a lot closer than she really was to winning – and at the same time showed how close she came to winning while virtually playing no game whatsoever. Interesting paradox, isn’t it?

Bob’s one-liners
Bob had two one-liners that we wish we heard more during the game. Telling Kenny to get his own idol was a brave slap in the face considering he was at least planning on having Kenny on the jury. And was that not the first time someone was asked at Final Tribal Council to tell why the other contestant(s) deserved the money more and the answer was “they don’t”? Even though that answer didn’t seem to win (or lose) him any votes, it was a great demonstration of the wit and quick thinking that won him the million dollars.

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