Casting opens for Survivor 21 and 22, no official announcement yet

Survivor is now casting for seasons 21 and 22, although it has not yet been officially renewed by CBS, nor has Jeff Probst announced whether or not he’s returning as host, since his contract expires at the end of season 20. However, it’s typical for the show to start casting before being officially renewed, and if the show is renewed, pre-production would likely begin in January.

The application is for both seasons 21 and 22, and says “[f]ilming is presently scheduled to occur for cycles 21 and 22 in summer to fall of 2010,” and I’d bet the show will again film two seasons back-to-back in the same geographic location. That may be rougher on the crew, but it saves money.

Survivor starts casting for seasons 21 and 22, which would tape next summer (via reality blurred)

Link: Survivor application (PDF; via CBS)

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2 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    I really hope that people from CBS are not walking the streets for contestants. We are all over the world wanting to be on this show and experience everything it brings, including the big prize!! You want all walks of life?? It’s NOT all in LA then. We’re on the south side of the map too!!! Damn!!!

  2. Tara says:

    Russell should have won. The game isn’t who is the nicest. It’s suppose to be outwit, outlast, outplay and Russell found a way to get almost everyone else to trust him at least once.

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