Survivor: Samoa Thanksgiving episode a recap, finale to air December 20

One of the biggest mysteries so far on “Survivor: Samoa” has actually been about the schedule. With the cast being 20 people this season, most everyone assumed that there would need to be one more episode containing a “double boot” or another injury couple with tribal council in order for the finale to be on December 13.

However, that does not seem to be the case. According to Jeff Probst himself, the “Survivor” finale has officially been pushed back to December 20. Why the reason for the delay? It actually has to do with the injury to Russell Swan. In most cases, both his episode and the one containing Liz’s boot would actually be contained in one week. Since Russell’s exit was so dramatic, though, CBS decided to change the rules a little.

In addition, we also have confirmation from Dalton Ross that next week’s Thanksgiving episode will be a recap containing never-before-seen footage.

‘Survivor: Samoa:’ recap on Thanksgiving, finale on December 20 (via

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