BLASTED OFF: Unfavorable conditions ground John the rocket scientist

BLASTED OFF: Unfavorable conditions ground John the rocket scientist
“Off With Their Heads!” A Survivor auction makes big winners out of Mick, Natalie, Jaison, and John…but when John can’t turn his purchased Hidden Immunity Idol clue into an idol in his hands, Russell takes advantage for yet another blindside vote – possibly alienating Shambo in the process.

Why John lost

John made number of mistakes in this episode. Russell was right – not giving up the pie was a poor judgment call. When presented with a choice like that you have no choice but to treat it like a gross food reward…take one for the team and chalk it up to bad luck because it’s a no-win situation. Either you get pie and alienate everyone else, or you make others happy and miss out on pie yourself (and of course there would be hurt feelings on the parts of those who weren’t picked to get pie.

John also made a major strategic bundle by putting too much trust in Russell without having a contingency plan. And opening up to Russell about the Hidden Immunity Idol proves John was as dumb as the rest of old Galu. Now Russell has him voted out and has a clue as to where the idol is!

John was right about Galu being outsmarted in the game. That was obvious just from the Survivor Auction. Natalie made the most of her money, getting a sandwich and a shower, Jaison got a clue which turned into an Immunity win, Mick got an entire hamburger, and even Shambo got some nutrition out of the deal. Monica got a chicken but that was it; Dave and Brett (and even John, in the end) walked away with nothing.

Russell’s hypocrisy

Russell called out John’s refusal to share his pie as a bad move, but then turned around and said he would have given it to his tribe and Shambo. While it would be nice to please your tribe in that way, doing so would publicly cement his loyalties – rarely a good idea in this game – and make later manipulations like the ones he pulled on Dave and John much harder.

Natalie’s doing it right

Once again Natalie comes out of the episode smelling like a rose. Literally. She is playing her cards right and playing the game just about as perfectly as she can. She doesn’t seem to have any enemies and is letting Russell do all of the dirty work. In a game like this where it looks like the jury will be too bitter to appreciate a great game like Russell is playing, Natalie might be in a very favorable position.

Shambo is clueless

So the big question is whether or not Jaison was right and going behind Shambo’s back was a good idea. Yes, John was a threat, but will Shambo – who is crazy she has “conversations” with chickens and so out of touch that she actually thought no one was playing the game – freak out and turn her back on old Foa Foa? Doesn’t seem likely. Jaison forgets what a smooth talker Russell is and apparently doesn’t think he has the power to sweet talk Shambo and bring her down from the ledge. She can’t be THAT unstable so that someone she trusts implicitly would be unable to get through to her.

Dave’s betrayal

What are we missing with Dave’s situation? He’s a smart player – he has to know that he really has no chance to break the Foa Foa alliance. Does he have a pact with Russell that makes old Foa Foa begin to be suspicious of Russell next week? Or is he the one how talks to old Foa Foa to plant the seeds of doubt in their minds against Russell? Watch him next week – his wink toward the jury makes us think he might actually have a plan up his sleeve and it was more than an act of desperation as John seemed to think.


  • “I’ll talk to you in heaven. When I go to heaven.” – Shambo, to the chickens, before they are killed and eaten
  • “The chickens were probably my single source of happiness the last 29 days.” – Shambo
  • “These poor people gotta close their ears when I start talking, because when I tell you something and I made a mistake, I gotta get rid of you.” – Russell
  • “If this vote tonight goes the way I’m expecting it to go, I will be shocked.” – Dave, before the vote
  • “Dave, thanks for the chickens. They were great friends.” – Shambo, voting for Dave

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  1. GB says:

    If I was John I turn right around after I’m voted off and tell everyone Russell has the idol.

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