FOA FOA FRACTURING? Monica & Dave dumped but Foa Foa afraid of Russell


“Damage Control” – A double boot sees Monica and Dave gone and shrinks old Galu’s numbers even further, but as Foa Foa begins to feel comfortable with their control of the game, Jaison and Mick start to rethink their alliance with Russell – possibly giving new life to Brett.

Monica steps it up way too late

Russell made a great point about Monica making it further if she had been playing the game the whole time instead of the last 2 days. Of course, she would have actually needed to play the game with an ounce of sense. Russell knows that a good chunk of Galu can’t stand Shambo, and that makes her a great final 2 opponent. Monica’s nonsense about Shambo having a strong showing with the jury because she was old Galu was just the icing on the cake that is Monica’s pathetic gameplay.

If you needed any further proof that Monica had no place in this game, it was her moronic comments about being “satisfied” that she stirred things up before being voted off. Anyone who can be satisifed and proud of themselves for such a minor accomplishment this late in the game – and I use that term loosely – doesn’t deserve to play it.

Mick and Jaison reconsider

Mick and Jaison are right in being concerned over Russell’s potential final 2/3 choices, but they are far to scared to make a move against him at this point. It’s fascinating the hold the Russell has on them and the game – even Monica and Brett voted for Dave, after Monica’s fevered pitch to save him. Mick knows he has little chance and would need to win Immunity basically every time after Brett is gone, yet he can’t make the move.

Jaison tried to make a move in revealing Russell’s wealth with Monica and Brett, but after Russell confronted him he freaked out so badly that he even lied in a confessional about what he said to them. Jaison’s move also seemed to be some damage control and an effort to shift 100% of the blame for what happened to Galu on Russell, so it indicates he believes, on some level, that he is still tight with Russell. Previews for next week’s episode seemed to lend credence to that as well.

Russell does damage control like no other

Obviously it was a really bad idea for Russell to tell Mick – or anyone for that matter – that he was really a millionaire oil tycoon. And yes, he did go a little too far when trying to figure out who was talking about his money. And chances are, 99% of the people in the same position would not have wrestled control of the game back by preemptively donning the Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council. Most people try to keep the Hidden Immunity Idol, you know, hidden. But it worked, and from the looks on everyone’s’ faces they have no idea how to respond.

Also interesting – the looks of satisfaction after Monica was voted out on the faces of Jaison and Mick – two people who have indicated the need to make a move on Russell and could have used her to do so.


  • “I will make or break you.” – Monica, pleading her case to Russell before Tribal Council
  • “Shambo is that a surprise to you?” “Everything he does is a surprise.” – Exchange between Jeff and Shambo after Russell pulled out the Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council
  • “Nobody really knows what you’re going to do with it. That’s what makes it so powerful.” – Russell, on the Hidden Immunity Idol

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