“Two Brains Are Better Than One” A two-team split causes concern over Natalie’s loyalties at a time when contingency plans are made due to the challenge dominance of Brett, the last pure-blooded Galu member. When Brett saves himself once again, the choice comes down to Mick or Shambo.

Shambo serves her purpose

Of course Russell made the right choice in voting out Shambo instead of Mick and for the very reason he mentioned: to not do everything possible to get Brett on that jury would be suicide. Shambo has to understand that on some level, and we’re guessing Mick does too; he has to know that he is no more part of that alliance than Brett is, and keeping Mick around doesn’t have a thing to do with loyalty like the always-naive Shambo seems to think. Shambo was played like a fiddle, and masterfully by Russell, who managed to keep her useful several times when she should have gone off the deep end.

Brett the threat

Editing doesn’t show us everything so it’s ridiculous to suggest Brett was not playing the game hard or had any influence just because we hadn’t seen anything of him until a couple weeks go, but…that is some turnaround as far as TV face time goes. He has come out of nowhere and emerged as a legitimate threat to old Foa Foa. Mick will have his hands full at the next challange with making sure Brett does not win immunity, because a Brett loss followed by a Mick win is the only way Mick has any shot in this game. His not making a move against Russell is one of the great all-time non-moves in Survivor history, and, amusingly, we’re guessing a loyalty to his alliance was what stopped him.

Natalie’s chances

Natalie is in a better position than it might seem, assuming she can make it to the final vote with Russell. She was much more than a typical coattail rider in the game and did a great job making friends and playing nice while at the same time demonstrating just enough leadership to garner respect. With Shambo off the table, it might make voting for someone other than Russell much easier and Natalie could see some votes come her way.

How deep is Jaison’s influence?

Now that it’s clear that Jaison really was the third party in the Russell/Natalie alliance, once has to wonder, after the events of this episode, how much influence Jaison has had over Russell. Jaison’s proclamation that Shambo had to go next was very authoritative and Russell didn’t question him at all. Of course this is moot at this point – the voting plan from here on out is pretty well set, assuming that Brett can’t win a third Immunity in a row. But it is interesting to get a glimpse of just how much cutthroat play can be attributed to Jaison.


  • “She should shave that ho-head mullet that went out in the 70s.” – Russell, on Shambo’s hair

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