Crystal Cox admits to steroid use, likely to lose gold medal

2004 Olympic gold medal relay team member and former castaway from Survivor: Gabon Crystal Cox has admitted to steroid use and accepted a 4-year ban from the sport, through 2014, and forfeiture of results from 2001 through 2004. She is also likely to lose her gold medal.

The admission came as a result of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative case investigation.

It is unknown at this time what will happen to the medals for the rest of the team, which also included Dee Dee Trotter, Monique Henderson and Monique Hennegan. Jerome Young, a relay team gold medalist form the same year, lost his medal when it was discovered he used steroids but the rest of his team retained them. However, the relay team from the 2000 Sydney games all lost their medals when it was discovered Marion Jones used steroids. That team is fighting to have their medals reinstated.

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