Truth behind episode 1 editing practices comes out

realityblurred has an interesting article up about the distortion of reality taking place due to creative editing of the show.

Asked about what she and others knew about Russell before the game, Sugar told, “Certain people might have inside people who might know more about what’s really going on and they’re best friends with people… It’s life, it’s ‘Survivor,’ it’s Hollywood. People did know certain things [coughsParvaticoughs].”

The article also quotes a Dalton Ross review of the first episode which reveals that Stephenie’s injury didn’t exactly go down as it was shown.

“The first-round match-up you saw with Stephenie and Cirie vs. Parvati and Danielle was actually round six and got the Villains back to being down only 4-2. But wait, it gets even more confusing.

Remember how you saw Stephenie dislocate her shoulder and Probst remarked how she injured herself in the very first round of the very first challenge? Well, that was true, but it wasn’t the round you saw. The actual first round (that you did not see) featured the exact same match-up (Stephenie and Cirie vs. Parvati and Danielle) and it was actually a Heroes victory.

Not only that, but the injury appeared to occur while Stephenie was slapping the mat with her extended arm to give her team the win. So, the round you saw presented as the first match-up was actually a rematch that Stephenie was participating in after she had already dislocated her shoulder! (How tough is she?) So, the injury happened in one place, but was edited into another.”

READ MORE: Parvati was told about Russell pre-HvV, Sugar says; Stephenie’s injury didn’t occur as shown (reality blurred)

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