Nicaragua rumored location for seasons 21 & 22, Philippines for seasons 23 & 24

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  1. Jim T says:

    Nicaragua? How about Celebrity Survivor starring Ollie North?

  2. amber says:

    i lived in nicaragua on the pacific coast in a village named san juan del sur. it’s gorgeous, and by no means a difficuly place to “survive” in. however, go an hour or so, in any direction, other than south to costa rica, and it’s pretty scarce and isolated. so, nicaragua….depends on where in the country.

  3. Sarah says:

    Amber: Well I live in Australia and it was the same thing… it’s hilarious to see them survive in such a place.

    But then, we live in comfort… what would it be if we were in their situation with no comforts?

  4. Eric says:

    Nicaragua is beautiful and very tourist friendly now. There are several vast and expansive areas to the country as well where “Surviving” will be perfect. Amber, my father-in-law has several vacation homes in Nicaragua including one on the beach about an hour from Leon on the Pacific Side. I am really looking forward to the next season.

  5. nel says:

    it would be great if the american survivor will shoot their upcoming seasons on the different islands here in the philippines…i think surviving here will be more challenging…

  6. Survivor CBS says:

    For Survivor Season 22 I have indeed the top name of people. My sources are 100 percent accurate.

    Ashley Underwood:

    * Name: Ashley Underwood
    * DOB: February 8, 1985
    * Born: Waterville, Maine
    * Miss Maine 2009
    * Earned a full four-year basketball scholarship at the U of Maine
    * Signed a contract to play professional basketball in Geneva, Switzerland after college
    * Is employed as a registered nurse who works with grades K-12 at her district’s high school and elementary school.
    * Her family owns an organic produce farm in Maine

    Krista Klump:

    DOB: July 7, 1985

    Hometown: Smiths Station, Ala.

    Auburn University, Senior, Cheerleader

    Major: Radio, Television and Film

    And now the surprises:

    Carrie Prejean (the miss America winner, who was uncrowned)

    and the biggest surprise

    Kimbo Slice (mixed martial arts)

    UFC Fighter

    Youtube Knockout Artist

    Jenna Davis

    DOB : June 17 1986

    Hometown: St. Louis Missouri

    Major: Harvard Medical Student

    James Ford

    Hometown: Cincinnati Oh

    DOB: August 23 1970

    Major: Local Police officer

    Goals: Is the most in shape an well body Of them all

    Terry Johnson

    Hometown: Orlando Florida

    DOB: Dec. 12 1979

    Major: Ex football Star at UNV of Tampa Fl.

    Goals: This is his second chance at life. Nearly killed early this year. In an out of jail. Say he’s made for the game of Survivor.

    Christian Ross

    Hometown: Philadelphia Pa.

    DOB: March 31 1987

    Major: Local basketball coach , Pro wrestler

    Goals: Christian in the game of Survivor is known as a Lil “ Russell Hantz” He says he wants to be conniving, backstabbing and his true talent is his power to manipulate people.

    Todd Willliams

    Hometown: fargo South Dakota

    DOB: Jan 7 1975

    Major: Firefighter

    Goals: Hes a local cebel in the small town of Fargo. He say he feel as he never fails In life, and all around perect person. Hint In my mind a top contender for team Russell.

  7. louis says:

    the crew stayed in san juan del sur,nicaragua. filming was a few coves away.

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