NO ISLAND FOR OLD MEN: Playful Parvati Preferred to Rotten Randy

“That Girl Is Like a Virus” The Heroes finally get things together, regroup, and completely dominate in the combination Reward/Immunity Challenge. Russell is confronted about his alliance with Parvati, whom no one wants to keep in the game, but when it comes down to voting out her or Randy, it’s the old man who gets his torch snuffed.

The word domination doesn’t even do justice to what the Heroes did to the Villains in an immunity competition lifted straight from Palau in which competitors faced off one-on-one in a sumo ring with the goal of pushing your opponent off into a mud pit. The Heroes won eight straight match-ups. Of course, most viewers probably weren’t even paying attention to the score as they were too mesmerized by the sight of practically nude contestants writhing around in the slop. We were all snapped back to reality, however, when James punctuated the event by tossing his bag down on top of a defeated Randy who then comically tried to throw his bag back from his sitting position in the mud, only to watch it travel about 17 inches. No one has gone from Hero to zero faster than James, who may actually not win the $100,000 fan favorite vote for once.

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On the Villains tribe, we’re quickly starting to see some lines in the sand. Rob and Sandra are close, as are Coach and Jerri. However, one pair seems to have everyone buzzing in camp: Parvati and Russell. Everyone already knows that Parv is one of the biggest threats in the game, whereas Russell is an unknown commodity to most of these people.

While Russell was working his subtle magic by hiding a machete, Parvati was just acting on the forefront with massages and flirtatious behavior. It’s really hilarious that these people continue to buy it, especially since just about every male on the tribe (with the exception of the surprisingly-invisible Tyson) is telling the interview guys that they’re not falling for it.

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Even Russell couldn’t get the tribe’s attention, as much as he tried to play troll under the bridge and rattle them. “They want to play rough? I can play rough,” he said, calling himself “King Russell.” So he hid the machete and promised that getting rid of it “will cause conflict in this camp.” It didn’t. Now if he gets rid of Boston Rob’s Red Sox hat, as he promised he’d do, that could get ugly.

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Does anybody else think that Parvati’s sex appeal has evolved? On Cook Islands, she stripped down with Ozzy and Yul in a hot tub. On Micronesia, she built flirt-liances with James and Natalie and backstabbed her way to victory. Now her flirtatiousness has metamorphosed into a force of nature. She’s seduced Russell, enraged Jerri, and driven Coach and Randy to distraction. She can’t even step up to the wrestling platform without shaking her hips. She’s like a mythical seductress; a thousand ships are ready to go to war.

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2 Responses

  1. Jason T says:

    Am I missing something? Is Parvati a huge asset in challenges and I’m just not seeing it? How is Randy any weaker than she is?

  2. Chutu says:

    Tom is very level headed. That can take him a long way even though his alliance is broken. When things start to fall apart, if he can be the guy they can look to, it can help him stick around. A lesser player wouldn’t have been able to calmly tell James to settle down to his face like that.

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