SURPRISE, CIRIE! Hidden Idol Turns Tide for Tom

“Tonight, We Make Our Move” The tribes find notices that each camp contains a Hidden Immunity Idol, and while the Villains agree to avoid the curse the idol would bring, the Heroes tear the island apart. When Tom finds it, he and Colby are able to set a plan in motion to realign the tribe’s alliances.

After the Heroes managed to lose two more challenges this evening, they were back in a familiar place: Tribal Council, and the majority appeared (appeared!) ready to vote out another strong player in either Tom or Colby. Probst went to town on the tribe for being more concerned with alliances instead of keeping the people who gave the tribe the best chance to win. When Rupert then openly disowned the vote he himself was about to cast due to the alliances he had made, Probst went off: “What part of that makes sense? Keeping your word in a game called outwit, outplay, outlast?… ‘Cause I’m looking at a tribe that, you’re all keeping your word. Great. All it’s doing is giving you more time with me at Tribal Council.” When Rupert then noted that “being at Tribal Council sucks,” Probst was incredulous. His response? “You’re a part of the reason based on that philosophy, Rupert!”

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The Cure for Crybabyitis: Last week, Randy said Coach is an “honorable guy…His confessional last night brought a tear to my eye.” Tonight it was Coach who wept. (Aw, maybe he really is “more sensitive than most people.”) But while the Heroes alliances’ were tearing their tribe apart, Coach’s tribemates rallied to support the downcast Dragon Slayer, who moaned, “Why doesn’t anybody ever say anything good about me?” Incredibly, caustic “assistant coach” Tyson blew the whistle on his former mentor’s pity party (offering advice the self-proclaimed King Arthur will never follow). Boston Rob got tough, ordering Coach to “pick your f–king head up and act like a man.” Rob and Tyson’s good cop/bad strategy enabled the fallen “legend” to rise again, quote Confucius and slay Tom (Tom!) in the Reward Challenge.

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After the reward challenge, each tribe received clues to the location of the hidden immunity idol, which was placed somewhere in their campsite. As luck would have it, both tribes discovered the clues when they were gathered together in groups, and the Villains decided not to look for it, while the splintered Heroes all went off on their own to find it.

The Villains’ consensus, though, didn’t stop dummy Russell from running off to search for the idol, which isn’t going to help him because now the tribe trusts him even less. Sandra said, “He’s a stupid ass” and told the others, “Russell sealed his own fate.” Yes, Russell is the undisputed king of bad players who’re convinced they’re good.

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After lobbying for Colby since day one, we were ready to spout that old thingamajig about being careful what you wish for, as he would've been ousted in sad fashion. Cirie being blindsided was great (what'd she call herself in the premiere? Gangster Oprah?) It was the first blindside of the season and the first time we busted out a loud “Hah!” when we saw it had gone down successfully. An all-around great vote, with the votes splitting 3-3-2 and Tom playing the brand new immunity idol.

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7 Responses

  1. SurvivorFan says:

    Can’t wait to see what Boston Rob has in mind for Coach. What would motivate him to comfort Coach when he was upset? We don’t really know anything of Rob’s alliances other than he and Sandra seem to get along well. I’m not sure I get what Rob is seeing in Coach. You don’t comfort someone like that who isn’t a friend (ally). And I can’t figure out why he thinks Coach would be a good one.

  2. Suck It Cirie!! says:

    Soooooo glad to see Cirie go! It’s about time someone figured out early in the game that Cirie is a social threat. She’s a bully and I can’t stand her. Look at how she talked to Amanda when Amanda confided in her!

  3. MS says:

    WHY IS NO ONE VOTING OUT PREVIOUS WINNERS YET? I can’t believe there isn’t an emphasis on it like there was during Survivor Allstars, especially considering a bunch of those players are in it this time around.

  4. Nanu says:

    Russell is getting a lot of crap for his poor play, but I think if he was screwing himself in this game it would have happened by now. He’s no better in challenges than Randy was (Russell has never been a STRONG player who dominates in challenges) so why not vote him off already? He’s scheming and conniving and is already causing problems. Something is going on. Parvati already knew about him and still made an alliance with him, then couldn’t even explain why. He’s a snake and I think he’s going to end up owning the villains and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out the producers were behind him helping.

  5. David says:

    If you watched in HD you saw the shiniest Survivor ever in James during the immunity challenge.

  6. Beth says:

    What was with Danielle’s boobs?

  7. MS says:

    What was different about them? She had a (ridiculous) boob job right before the Panama finale.

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