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5 Responses

  1. Grrr... says:

    I can’t understand the logic in not taking the chocolate. Don’t you think having a taste of what you might win – whether or not you truly believe you are in it for the win or for the reward – gives you a mental boost and helps you perform better? Stupid.

  2. Don says:

    I started out really rooting for the Heroes tribe because I liked the players and I hated the idea of people embracing the “Villain” label (because it’s lame). But screw it – they are idiots and deserve to lose.

  3. Baby 81 says:

    The Heroes can gripe all they want about JT’s wishy-washiness, but until they put him in his place and don’t give him the power to decide votes like this they’re going to have to keep bending over and taking it from him. Newsflash, Heroes – YOU ARE ALL WISHY WASHY AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE LOSING.

  4. BigMac says:

    So.. Candice says in the voting confessional “This is the stupidest vote we could be making ” and then she still votes for Tom!!

    Learn to think for yourself. That whole tribe just started playing to their alliances too early and forgot they have to actually win challenges to win the game. That should take precedent early

  5. Stupified Stu says:

    Undoubtedly she thinks she is earning herself (or keeping herself in) good graces by voting along with the majority. She doesn’t realize that the majority couldn’t care less how she votes as she’s just barely keeping her own name off the parchment, and even then it’s not really her doing. She’s a completely useless addition to this game. So’s Amanda.

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