BIG LEAGUE BOMBSHELL: Russell’s Ruse Riles Rob

“Banana Etiquette” A double Tribal Council follows individual Immunity Challenge, where Candice’s win puts a target on Colby’s back. But the unsure Heroes make an over-confident James prove that he’s healthy enough to stay. And when Russell and Rob jockey for position in the tribe, Russell pulls out another surprise from his bag of tricks.

Boston Rob: “Watch your back, man.”
Russell: “Same thing for you, man…watch your back.”
Boston Rob: “Good talk, Russell.”

“Rob tells me, Its better to play with me than against me. Oh really? I believe Imma gettim to eat them words.”-Russell

“When you get a banana, you get one for everyone else. Its like an etiquette.”-Amanda to James, on the Great Banana Fiasco

“Colby got beat by a cripple and a fat dude on the obstacle course. Its like finding out Superman was in a big girdle—you see the muscles and you get up close and its nothing but a fat suit.”-James

“Oh, Imma be good n drunk in the next five minutes.”-James, after being voted out and JT hollering, “Take a shot for us.”

Our Take on the Votes
Tyson…wow. Danielles “What just happened?” spoke for us all. Just like the astounded Villains, were still reeling, trying to piece together exactly how Russell orchestrated such a move. Either he lucked out or saw a hole in Boston Robs logic, exploited it, and vaulted himself to serious player status. Well miss Tyson, but his post-vote testimonial reassured us that hes “still pretty awesome,” and theres always his Twitter to follow.

As for James, again, wow. Yes, JT beat him in a race running backwards. But Colbys game—physical and strategic—has been nonexistent since day one. Our only hope is that Colby being spared jolts him to actually play the way he did in the classic Australian Outback season. Also, yikes, only five Heroes left? Thats sorrier than NBCs Heroes itself.

via TV Watch: Survivor: The Q: GQ

They cast their votes & we see everyone’s but Tyson’s.  BR & his 2nd in command Sandra voted against Russell.  Coach, Courtney & Jerri voted against Parvati.  Danielle, Parvati & Russell voted against Tyson.

Probst if asked if anyone wanted to play the HII.  Russell stood & walked over to him.  BR & his minions all have a smug smile on their faces.  But the MVP says no, not this way.  He told Coach he always talks about loyalty, honesty & integrity & he is going to play w/ that & gave Parvati HII!  You've been schooled BR & Sandra.  THAT’S how you play Survivor.  BIOYA!

Probst tallies the votes.  Russell’s bait & switch worked like a charm & Tyson voted out Parvati so Tyson got the boot w/ 3 votes against him.  Tyson said he has no one to blame but himself.  He was a victim of his own stupidity.

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On the other beach, Rob is out sitting under the stars while everyone is asleep. Everyone except Russell who decides they should “have a talk”. For the next few minutes they circle each other like big dogs with teeth bared and lips curled. All the posturing that big dogs do to claim territory. Then they each stalk off with a “there, I showed him”.

via Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains: Russell And His Ready For Broadway Moment

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3 Responses

  1. GB says:

    OK… honestly this game has to be rigged just to keep Russell in the game. There was NO reason for Tyson to vote for Parvarti. NONE.

    They all knew Russell was going to play the idol for either him or Parvarti. I’m sure he figured Russell would use it for himself, then it’s a tie with Tyson-Parvarti and Parvarti loses. There’s no reason.

    I wonder if they paid him to do it since Russell is so popular.

  2. Stupified Stu says:

    There WAS a reason for Tyson to vote Parvati. He wanted her out of the game. With Russell’s lie, he thought there was a chance of that so he voted to ensure it happened.

  3. GB says:

    I disagree. Even WITH Russell’s lie that and if he had voted according to Rob’s plan, that would put 4 on Parvarti, 2 on Tyson and 3 on Russell. so she STILL would have gone home.

    I guess he said he thought both Danielle and Parvati were going to vote Russell… which I guess is a fair reason; just stupid.

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