BIG LEAGUE BOMBSHELL: Russell’s Ruse Riles Rob

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3 Responses

  1. GB says:

    OK… honestly this game has to be rigged just to keep Russell in the game. There was NO reason for Tyson to vote for Parvarti. NONE.

    They all knew Russell was going to play the idol for either him or Parvarti. I’m sure he figured Russell would use it for himself, then it’s a tie with Tyson-Parvarti and Parvarti loses. There’s no reason.

    I wonder if they paid him to do it since Russell is so popular.

  2. Stupified Stu says:

    There WAS a reason for Tyson to vote Parvati. He wanted her out of the game. With Russell’s lie, he thought there was a chance of that so he voted to ensure it happened.

  3. GB says:

    I disagree. Even WITH Russell’s lie that and if he had voted according to Rob’s plan, that would put 4 on Parvarti, 2 on Tyson and 3 on Russell. so she STILL would have gone home.

    I guess he said he thought both Danielle and Parvati were going to vote Russell… which I guess is a fair reason; just stupid.

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