ROBBED! Russell Moves, Colby Proves

“I’m Not A Good Villain” Russell’s gifting of the Hidden Immunity Idol to Parvati draws a clear line in the sand for the Villains, strengthening his alliance with Parvati and causing Jerri and Coach to second guess Rob. Colby realizes that after the Heroes kept him in favor of James that he has a lot to prove – and their gamble pays off big.

“I am that good where I can bring people together in this game for my good,” he said, specifically citing Jerri and Parvati. At Tribal Council, he challenged Rob, saying, “I don’t think you have the guts to do what I did last Tribal.”

Russell successfully lobbied Jerri, who insisted she’s not a good villain, but she did a great job of making viewers and Russell-haters dislike her by switching sides.

Jerri was at first skeptical of aligning with Russell and his group — including Parvati, who promised to take her to the final four. Jerri asked, “How can you guarantee that?” But later, as she told a wounded Coach, who was upset that she didn’t consult him first, Jerri thought “it took huge balls” for Russell to make the move he did last week, and on top of that, she said, “I don’t trust Rob.”

Coach saw right through Russell’s act, and pointed out that “Russell is just sitting there spinning a pure line of gold.” But Coach promised Russell he'd vote for Rob after promising Rob he’d vote for Russell. So much for loyalty!

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The Boston Rob vs. Russell feud finally reached its endgame when Russell got Jerri and Coach to flip their allegiance. Jerri joined Russell, Parvati, and Danielle in voting for Rob, while Coach voted for Courtney (a vote that may not have been directly for Rob, but one which he knew ensured Rob’s departure in that it prevented a tie). It was a feisty Tribal Council as Rob questioned Russell’s idea of loyalty, causing the latter to respond, “Loyalty? I put my butt on the line for my people. I was willing to go home. If that isn’t loyalty, I don’t know what is. I don’t think you have the guts to do what I did last Tribal.” Ouch! Meanwhile, Coach was tormented about switching sides, and he was no doubt shaken to his core when his former man-crush refused a hug on the way to get his torch snuffed, telling Coach, “You’re a little man.” (Perhaps, but with a big feather attached to his hair.)

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Now, I have no idea why Courtney was even competing in this challenge — why not use her in the less-important reward challenge so she could sit this one out? — but questioning that decision is like questioning how a case of Milwaukee’s Best somehow magically appears in your refrigerator. You don’t question it — you just grab some Funyuns and enjoy your good fortune. I had expected a lot of hilarity from Courtney this season, but instead she’s been getting the Brett edit. (At least, I think his name was Brett. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure of his name during his season.) Part of that is because Courtney has sat out pretty much every challenge, where she is usually at her most side-splitting, but it’s also because so much of the focus around camp has been on the Rob vs. Russell feud.

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Rob was so tight with his girls, he somehow managed to alienate the other people in his alliance, Coach and Jerri. Coach. He who tells stories about being a warrior yet recently wept in Tyson’s arms after someone wrote his name down at Tribal Council. Jerri. She who got rebuffed by Colby in 2001’s Australian Outback and cried when she got booed during the live finale for Survivor: All Stars three years later. For all his smarts, Rob should have known that these two models of insecurity would fall prey to Russell’s tall tales of trust and honor and go with him.

A smart move in the short run, but come on. If either Coach or Jerri manage to outlast Russell, I’ll do … well, I won't do anything. But it won't happen. Making nice with the Heroes is their only hope.

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Russell continues to flabbergast me in the most enjoyable and entertaining of ways. Calling out Courtney or Sandra as the “next to go home” right in front of their faces was one of the boldest moves I’ve ever seen anybody make in any game at any time. Wow. Give this man a wide berth cause if you don’t, he will take it.

Let me tell you what I’m really learning from Russell — when you have nothing to fear, nothing at stake, you have all the power. Russell is truly only playing to win and it shows. He is so brazen. Russell is one helluva salesman. No, I am not going to stop talking about him because he’s absolutely fascinating.

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4 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Rob’s arrogance was his undoing as much as Russell’s planning, showcased perfectly by his embracing of Jerri, who voted against him, and blaming of Coach, who really didn’t.

    Coach kept his word. Don’t blame him because Jerri thinks you are weak.

    Glad to see him go. And the chaos hinted at in next week’s preview plays into Russell’s game perfectly.

  2. SurvivorFan says:

    “Loyalty? I put my butt on the line for my people. I was willing to go home. If that isn’t loyalty, I don’t know what is. I don’t think you have the guts to do what I did last Tribal.”

    ^ This.

  3. Jason T says:

    Yay for Colby! It’s too early to tell for sure but it looks like “strong” James might have been the tribe cancer and could’ve been to blame for all their problems, not just Colby not stepping it up.

  4. GB says:

    Yea Russell’s move paid off big-time cuz it impressed the hell out of jerri and now he’s devoted to him.

    He made the big move, it worked out. Right now, he deserved to win.

    Honestly, unlike the other season when, really, the big move was when Natalie got all the girls in the other tribe to vote out Erik. THAT was the big play of the game and she did it. I dont know why that didn’t get enough play or mention, but I thought she was worthy of winning sole survivor for sure.

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