RULING THE RUINS: Russell Ratifies Coach Poaching

“Expectations”As the Villains attempt to deal with the fallout from voting out their leader, a number of splits erupt and accusations threaten to disunite even further a deeply divided tribe. The Heroes continue their regrouping efforts and win both challenges, but when JT sneaks off to track down the Hidden Immunity Idol and is caught by Amanda, the seeds of distrust are sown.

To save herself and Courtney, Sandra decided to play Russell, and it worked — sort of. As she told Courtney, Russell likes to think he’s in control, and so Sandra’s plan was to “put a bug in his ear that Coach is gunning for him.” She did just that and Russell bought the lie. “Russell’s so stupid he ate that crap up,” Sandra said, adding that “he doesn’t know how to play this game.”

But as it turned out, Russell actually voted for Courtney. Still, Coach went home, so it’s clear Russell is not in control, though he ranted earlier like only he can rant: “I have the power in this game. I send home who I want to send home.”

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Let’s take it from the top. Episode 8 started the same way episode 7 started. And episode 6. And every episode this season. With Russell giving himself props for being awesome. Every time I listen to Russell promoting Russell I think back to my teenage years and listening to the Beastie Boys’ License to Ill in the car with my mother. My mom made a pretty astute comment back then, saying, “If they have to keep repeating their names all the time to remind people who they are, they must not be very popular.”  She was wrong, of course. The Beastie Boys were extremely popular (even if “Girls” does hold up as perhaps the worst rap song of all time — seriously, go back and listen to it). But the point about their constant need to reaffirm who they were and their dominance in the fields of rhymin’ and/or stealin’ was pretty interesting.

One person considerably less than impressed with Russell, however, was Coach. Right after the vote, Coach decided Russell was a bully. Coach decided the tribe wouldn’t win another challenge and was” toast.” Lost in all of this, of course, was the fact that Russell is not the one who flipped on Rob. Coach did. And don’t blame the bully, but rather the person who allows himself to be bullied. Try that one alongside your Sun Tzu and Nietzsche quotes sometime, Mr. Wade.

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The hour has officially struck when Survivor becomes singularly obsessed with the merge. The Villains took all their belongings, tools and tarp to the challenge, they were so sure the mergey lovefest was on like Donkey Kong. And whaddaya know, not only did they not merge, but after Coach and Jerri fretted about starvation (seriously, guys?), the Villains lost a chance to mow down on a feast and get schwasted on some brewskies.

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2 Responses

  1. GB says:

    Why did Danielle end up voting for coach? After going on and on and, even standing up to Russell, why didn’t she vote for Courtney?

    Doesn’t make sense. Nothing that tribe has done has made sense. They’re boned.

  2. JK says:

    I wondered about Russell’s vote, but I suspect he’s going to think about the future jury members this time (unlike last).

    If he thought there was a chance Coach was going to the jury, he could not vote for Coach himself (maintaining fake loyalty) while still controlling enough votes to get what he wants. I can’t wait until he falls on his face.

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