DOUBLE DEAL: Parvati’s Presents Jettison J.T.

“Going Down In Flames” The long-awaited merge finally happens and Russell’s staunchest supporter, J.T., ignores warnings by Rupert and Sandra that could save him and the Heroes. And after ridiculing J.T. for handing his Idol to a villain, Russell turns around and surrenders the Idol to one of the biggest villains to ever play the game, and Parvati takes control of the game.

Despite the fact that it was his sexist assumption that the women were in control of the Villains that led him to try to help Russell, he added, “Don’t ever trust women, ever, ever.” How about just never trust your sexist assumptions again, JT? He guessed wrong and trusted the wrong guy, and he got played.

Earlier, JT spent the entire episode setting himself up for a big fall, saying cocky things about how there’s a chance he could go home, but “do I believe it? Not a chance in the world.”

Other people were surprised by Parvati’s move, too. Russell was caught off guard because he’d given her one of those idols to save herself at Tribal Council, assuming she’d be the Heroes’ target. He didn’t know that she had another one, and she didn’t tell him. As the preview for next week shows, Russell is not happy about this because he likes feeling in control. Either he’s going to self-destruct, get revenge or he’s going to become a new kind of Russell.

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Thanks to Rupert’s paranoia/smarts, the Heroes are planning to tell Russell they’re voting for Parvati and then actually vote for Sandra or Jerri. Russell decides to protect Parvati by giving him his idol, not knowing that she already has an idol.

Of course, in the meantime, the Heroes are thinking that Parvati might have one since she stepped out of the immunity challenge so cavalierly.

Amanda and Parvati have another conference, and Amanda tries to persuade her to play the idol, but Parvati interviews that she knows Amanda is lying to her. She says she wants to play with Parvati, but she can’t see how. Then Amanda whines some more.

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First we had J.T. calling Russell a “good-old country boy.” (No, he isn’t.) Then we had Russell telling Jeff the merged tribe had decided to call itself “Yin-Yang,” because it means “good and evil.” (No, it doesn’t.) And then, to top it all off, the episode ended with the blindsided J.T. telling cameras (complete with my spliced-in reactions): “People are villains for a reason. [True, J.T. Russell is a villain for lying, Hannibal Lecter is a villain for finding people tasty, and Celine Dion is a villain for covering “You Shook Me All Night Long.”] Don’t ever trust them. [Because why would you ever trust someone tapped with the “villain” label? That’s like sniffing dry-erase markers when they’re labeled “toxic.” It might be tempting, but you still shouldn’t do it.] Worse than that, don’t ever trust women. [Well — wait, what?! Russell was the ultimate reason behind your downfall, not the ladies! Unless one of them gave you one of those prank kaleidoscopes that leaves a black circle around your eye in some footage cut from the episode?]. Ever, ever, ever. [Or was it that $1 million bill attached to a string trick?]”

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So, the Villains entered tribal, with only a few knowing that they had three idols to work with. All of the Heroes changed their plan at the last moment and voted for Jerri while the Villains all voted for J.T.

This is the point in which Parvarti proved that she’s the one running the show making one of the most brilliant moves any contestant has ever made on “Survivor”. Jeff asked if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol and Parvarti said she would like to allow the Villains to hang around longer worrying about ripe banannas (something that tied in to what Rubert said earlier on) thus she handed Sandra an idol. The Heroes are almost sure they’ll walk out of tribal victorious with Jerri going home, but there’s just one problem. Parvarti then says, and just to increase our odds of sticking around, she pullls out her other idol and hands it to Jerri. The Heroes are absolutely blind-sided and at that point, it’s obvious Parvarti is the one pulling the strings and J.T. is headed home. As Jeff reads the votes toward Jerri, none of them count and the Villain tribe is left grinning, everyone but Russell that is. He’s obviously pissed and tells Parvarti that she has some explaining to do.

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  1. GB says:

    JT was playing with house money so I guess you can forgive him. But, really, on a show like this what in the heck makes you think you can “trust” some one who you have had NO contact with?!

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