AMANDA CANNED: Lost Clue Causes Blues

“Jumping Ship” Sandra decides the time is right to make her move against the Villains, but when Candice decides to make a move of her own, it throws the newly laid plans of Sandra and the Heroes in flux and causes Sandra to rethink her plans. And when Amanda swipes Danielle’s Hidden Immunity Idol clue Danielle freaks, Amanda caves and gives it back – and seals her own fate.

While the three reward winners — Amanda, Colby and Danielle — watched “Treasure Island” and lounged on a small bed, Danielle discovered the clue in their bowl of popcorn and dropped it quietly to the floor to hide it.

When Amanda spotted the clue, the fight was on: Amanda grabbed for it and ran, and Danielle jumped up and confronted her. The two fought for the clue, looking like two kids on the playground fighting over a toy.

Perhaps because they were in front of the TV, Colby noticed what was going on, and Danielle demanded Amanda return the clue to her because she found it first. Colby agreed, and Amanda reluctantly handed it back, either because she didn’t want to cause more drama and make herself more of a target, or because Colby has a very effective middle-school vice-principal voice.

Amazingly, after all that work, Danielle didn’t even find the idol. And guess who did? Russell! Again! Yes, Danielle shared the clue with him and they went searching, and Russell found it in less time than it takes for Courtney to start making sarcastic comments when she arrived at Tribal Council.

Another day, another idol for Russell, and once again, he played it. He thought Sandra would flip and vote for him at Tribal Council along with the Heroes, telling Jeff Probst, “Hope I’m doing the right thing and playing it for myself this time.”

via Smackdown! It’s a slap fight on ‘Survivor’ – Survivor

This time, we knew the moment the Yin Yang tribe got back to camp that Russell was going to be on the warpath following Parvati finding an idol at the Outback challenge. Parv, of course, didn’t see “any harm done” in keeping an idol a secret — of course, the harm here is that Russ actually starts shaking in his boots and realizing he’s not the King.

Rupert, meanwhile, realized he made a mistake in not allowing Sandra to get back into the fold. He made a promise to all of us (in the sincere fashion that only Rupert could) that he was going to try again.

The next day at camp, Russell immediately tried to do his whole “run up in to random women and offer alliances” game. Candice was his target, and she seemed to buy for the most part. However, I don’t count of this as a given yet. Even if she is a bit panicky, Candice is a smart player.

via ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ recap: the many follies of Colby

Previously on Survivor, it was Parvati’s Island and everyone else was just living on it. Seriously, she didn’t just eviscerate the competition. She did so in a way that as BOP webmaster Tony Kollath pointed out managed to leave four different players with their mouths hanging open in stunned silence. J.T. knew he had gotten beaten (although he failed to correctly guess who had done it, aptly summarizing his play this season), Amanda knew that Parvati had seen through her lies, Evil Loser Russell knew he’d given the idol to someone who played him for a patsy and Jerri realized that younger chick she hates just saved her ass. Words cannot describe how perfect a play it was.

To our amusement, some have derided her strategy as needlessly reckless. As a reminder, here is what happened. She found a hidden immunity idol the prior episode. During the most recent one, Evil Loser Russell tried to show that he was a big, strong provider of a man by giving her another hidden immunity idol, the second time he has done so this season. So smitten is he that he never thought to ask if she already had one. After all, finding idols is men’s work and she’s just a girl.

via Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap.


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5 Responses

  1. Boney Jones says:

    Meh – glad to see Amanda go. She was barely there and there was nothing to her. BORING.

  2. G says:

    Wow, that really was proof that Parvati is the one in control and not Russell. Did you see the way she talked down to him for wasting an idol? LOL!

  3. Jim T says:

    Did Sandra really try to work on Candice? It seems like it would have been wise of her to try and strike up an alliance, seeing as how they are both outcasts in their respective tribes, rather than just align votes. Maybe that’s what happened. It didn’t seem clear.

  4. GB says:

    Candice sucks. She has sucked the whole time, now turned on the heros. Oh well. I guess it’s fair b/c Russell or Parvarti deserve to win the game and now they will.

    And, what is with Colby? Why make Amanda give that clue back — she’s on YOUR team man! He has done nothing right or well, except — hey — he can shuffleboard w/ the best of ‘em.

  5. bob says:

    Amanda she has hell in her eyes, has lost it, she needs rehab

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