RUPERT DUPED: Russell Backs Up But Backs Down

RUPERT BURNT: Russell Backs Up But Backs Down

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” In the aftermath of his move against Danielle, Russell loses confidence in his alliance, compounded by what he perceives as a move against him by Jerri after a Reward Challenge.

This season’s hackneyed nautical references have long surpassed their expiration date—including (especially?) the pirate. Rupert himself knows he is “not destined to win Survivor”—he’s too busy playing a caricature to focus on playing the game itself. He sabotaged himself by not only betraying Russell but impersonating Paul Bunyan at the firepit. His “loud, obnoxious, selfish and totally inconsiderate” woodchopping rivaled only his infamous sand shelter in the annals of Survivor stupidity.

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Russell and his pseudo-alliance (Colby and Rupert) decide they need to target Sandra. The girls all decide to target Rupert. What I so don’t get is how Russell never gets seriously targeted. Dumb moves! What no one knows is that Sandra has the hidden immunity idol. When the vote went down, Russell switched back to his female alliance. Sandra brought out the idol. It was the last time it could be played anyway. But it didn’t save her butt. The vote was 4-2 for Rupert to go home instead of Sandra. The villains rule once again.

They seriously have to get Colby out next. It would be a travesty if he were to win this thing after not playing all season. As for the others, each one has played the game well. Jerri has had the weakest game, but her best showing in the three seasons she’s played. I actually like her this year. Huh. Who would have thought that?

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Calling the women’s rejection of him “a million-dollar decision” — never mind the fact that he broke his alliance with her last week to vote off their mutual ally Danielle — Russell returned to camp with Rupert and Colby and swore he’d go with them to the final three. Since the remaining Heroes had no other real option, they were up for this, especially Rupert, who thought he could easily win against Russell.

But Rupert didn’t get that chance. After the immunity challenge — Parvati won, defeating Rupert — Sandra approached Rupert about voting for Russell. Rupert went immediately to his new friend, apparently forgetting that he’d called Russell “garbage” just a few days ago.

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We’re going into this one with new air. I believe Russell has really screwed up his chances of winning. Is he good at strategy? Yes. Is he a social player? Yes. Is he socially responsible? No. When it comes to betraying and backstabbing, Russell needs to realize that doing such unethical things might get you far but it won’t earn you respect. Unless he gets paired with someone as devious as himself, he won’t win if he makes it to the finals. With that aside, this season has shown me, though, that Parvati is a much stronger player than I thought she was in her previous seasons.

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3 Responses

  1. 2000woman says:

    the set of balls on parvati and sandra amazes me. and yet…russell voted with them. i don’t think russell will make final 3.

  2. Hurk! says:

    Do we know yet if it is a final 2 or final 3 this season?

  3. G says:

    Colby harping on his brother was hilarious. Colby was making the crappy tosses but he kept blaming the other guy and getting mad. Colby is so weird this year. He’s not even trying and his head is nowhere near the game. If he immunities out (not likely since he’s been so terrible in challenges but you never know) he will probably win the game, which would be almost as disappointing as Natalie winning last year.

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