Sandra Diaz-Twine wins Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Everything comes to a head as Russell’s plans fall into place. But his scheming, lying, and backstabbing prevents him from seeing what he’s doing to the very jury he expects to crown him king, and while Parvati takes her share of shrapnel for aligning with one of the most hated players to ever play the game, Sandra’s charm ends up getting her further than anyone could have imagined.

After Colby’s exit, the next challenge had the castaways navigating a maze blindfolded, and in an amazing nail-biter Russell won and secured himself a spot in the final four.

Even as Russell crowed that Sandra “cannot beat me,” he helped oust Jerri, who became the 17th person voted out.

And Survivor’s best player ever? As the votes were read in front of a studio audience, the evil genius lost out to Sandra, the coat-tail rider.

A two-time Survivor winning coat-tail rider, that is.

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34-year-old Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first ever repeat Survivor winner, beating fellow Villains Parvati and Russell in the final three. The episode began with Parvati the endurance queen winning the night’s first immunity competition (which was a redo of China‘s final challenge in which contestants had to stack up dishes on a wobbly arm), leading to Colby becoming the final Hero to be voted off, ending his long yet ultimately disappointing campaign.

Then, after honoring their fallen comrades by torching their names in a giant fire, the final four took part in one of the most riveting final challenges ever, as they went blindfolded through a maze while collecting necklaces. Russell narrowly secured the immunity necklace a split second before Jerri and Parvati could grab it. That split second would cost Jerri, who was the last contestant voted off, setting up a final three of Russell, Parvati, and Sandra. (And don’t get me started on how much I hate final threes as opposed to final twos.)

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Russell and Parvati take a walk. Parvati thinks Sandra has Courtney, Candice and Amanda’s votes, minimum. Russell tells her he wants Jerri on the jury because she would vote for him. Russell says he’s on the fence because he doesn’t think Parvati would vote for him in the end, “but she might.”

At tribal council, they talk about what their strategies were when they got back to camp after the challenge. Sandra says she went to the person with immunity, and that he keeps telling her she wouldn’t win. Parvati says she feels very vulnerable and that “if people are trying to vote out threats,” she will probably be leaving. Jerri says Parvati’s a threat because she has been kicking butt and has lots of friends. Parvati says Russell should take her to the end if he wants to redeem himself since they’ve been allied. She says she’s been protecting him, and he's annoyed. He says he’s been protecting her. She says they’ve been protecting each other. He’s not buying that, either.

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Sandra was determined to get rid of Russell during the season, but she was never successful.

“He wants the title of “Sole Survivor” If that’s what Russell wants, that’s what I’ve got to make sure Russell doesn’t get,” she said.

Sandra was on the Villains team and has played Survivor once before. She was also the winner of that season, despite the fact she has never won a challenge on the show.

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The final physical challenge, in which the players were forced to make their way through a maze blindfolded, was based on luck rather than will and determination. Russell beat Parvati and Jerri by a hair to claim a spot on his second final tribal council.

Sandra convinced Russell to take her to the final three with the argument that the jury would never vote for her since she already won the million dollars. The past winners argument is a strong one — who really wants to give someone else another million bucks? — and made Parvati a logical choice for the final three as well. But at camp, Russell sounded intent on taking Jerri with him to the end.

At the penultimate tribal council, Parvati seemed truly nervous she would fall short of the final council, despite her close (but complicated) alliance with Russell. But Russell surprised viewers and took Parvati to the end, pitting two previous winners against one of Survivor’s most notorious villains.

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10 Responses

  1. Yay Sandra! says:

    So glad Sandra won and not Russell or Parvati!

  2. Bob says:

    I hate the school of thought that Russell seems to subscribe to – because she wasn’t controversial or because she was fighting from behind and not dominating in any visible way that Sandra is weak or undeserving.

    Face time doesn’t determine worthiness.

  3. Aqua/Boy says:

    I couldn’t believe Colby started crying! What a baby. But he did a good job at his last tribal at exposing some of the things going on and uncovering some of the strategy being used. Best season yet!

  4. Budwizer says:

    Sandra deserved the win. Russell is a dumbass who thinks he’s smart. Who the hell plays Survivor lying and scheming and ever wins? No one. His style of play is might get you to the final three but you’ll never win after telling that many lies and ****ing that many people over. He didn’t even get one vote from the jury. If he gets to play again, he should wake the **** up and realize that Survivor like in life, it’s beneficial to have some integrity.

    He’s lucky he got the fan fave but then again, dirty schemers make for people we love to hate and that means good TV so that isn’t surprising I guess.

  5. Rupert Sucks says:

    I always like seeing how these dirty, grimy people look on the jury after getting cleaned up. Except Rupert. He looks exactly the same. He’s probably the only player who you can’t tell if he’s playing the game or not by looking at him.

  6. Blah says:

    Russell is a hypocrite. He outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted everyone but he couldn’t play the social game. He has no social game. Ruthlessness is necessary to a degree, but don’t let people know you are enjoying cutting them down as you do it. At least act like it’s hard to backstab them.

    The reason he is a hypocrite is because he fails to grasp this concept but he dismisses Sandra as a player because she didn’t outwit anyone and didn’t “do anything” in the game. So if she is unworthy because she didn’t play a complete game, what does that say about Russell?

  7. Justa Fan says:

    Everyone attacking Russell’s game should start to think about what the show would be without people like him, Boston Rob, Jonny Fairplay and the like.

    And, the same goes for the crybabies on the jury who are from from angels themselves. I would have hoped at least during the all-star type seasons, being that they are all self professed fans of the show that they would give credit where credit is due and keep in mind this is a show that’s popular as much for the people on it then the game itself.

    Fill a season up with Candace’s and watch it be the last. At some point someone a Boston Rob or Russell type has to win or no one will play that game and as fans we’ll be the ones losing out.

  8. Lisa says:

    Who voted for Sandra and who voted for Pavarti? I can’t find that information anywhere!

  9. GB says:

    Parvarti did so much more than Sandra. Hell, she used an immunity idol to SAVE Sandra. She made a smart aliance with Russell, but also used it to her advantage and made her own moves when she needed. Plus she actually WON challenges. She shoulda won!

  10. bear says:

    Remember, Russell had a tremendous advantage, None of his opponents had seen him play. He will never make it to the jury if he is on another all-star show.

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